Caring physician will be missed dearly

Regarding the comment in Rants and Raves concerning the doctor who is retiring and did not send each patient a personal notice: He is my physician, and I have so much respect for him that I take no offense to the announcement in the paper. Each of his patients should know that, at some time in the future, a physician will retire.

I have known Dr. Fred Marshalk since he established a practice in Augusta. I have been a patient of his for the past eight years, and he has always been a compassionate, kind and understanding physician. He takes the time to listen, and gives you his undivided attention.

I hope the person who made the rant realizes just how much this doctor will be missed. He has earned his place in the retirement community, and I pray that God will grant him a long, restful, peaceful and happy retirement, which he richly deserves.

Mary Agnes Roberts, Augusta



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