Driving slower often makes sense

I agree with letter writer Steve Kohn that there is indeed much folly going on in all lanes on almost every road, everywhere, by all types of drivers ("Selfish local drivers need to wise up," Sept. 13).

But would any responsible driving instructor, law enforcement officer or parent recommend to anyone that they speed up when there are too many cars (and "selfish drivers") on the road? Why is there such outrage directed toward those of us who drive not "selfishly," but safely?

It is precisely because of all the folly and selfishness going on out there that all drivers, in both the right-hand and left-hand lanes, should be encouraged to drive the speed limit or less, as conditions warrant. A driver in the left-hand lane, driving the posted speed limit (gasp!), could be - incredibly, I know - considered a circumstance that warrants others behind slowing down. What is selfish about this?

Susan Pitts, Augusta


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