Selfish local drivers need to wise up

My commute each day is about 40 miles over mostly multilane roads. I've often seen drivers squatting in the left lane at 55 mph, oblivious to the cars behind them, sometimes running bumper to bumper, unable to pass due to another car in the right lane also going 55 mph.


Sometimes I'll be in an empty right lane, and have a chance to pass a car to the left. I glance to see what sort of driver this is. It's everyone: black, white, male, female, young, old, in expensive cars and in junkers. No one group has a monopoly on this folly.

These drivers can't seem to see that they are acting selfishly and, with road rage steaming off the roofs of the cars behind them, are endangering themselves and the rest of us. Why don't they realize what they're doing? Why do they hog the passing lane when common sense and common courtesy tell us it's wrong? ...

My 1995 copy of the Georgia driver's manual says on page 41: "While driving too fast is very dangerous, driving too slowly on certain highways can also be dangerous. When there are two or more lanes for traffic moving in the same direction, slower vehicles should use the right hand lane except when passing or making a left turn. In any case, you must not drive ... so slow as to interfere with the normal flow of traffic."

I ask our school boards to include driver's education as a mandatory subject, and our local TV stations and newspapers to educate those of us past school age.

Not only would smarter driving make our commutes less stressful, it also would decrease our visits to hospitals and cemeteries.

Steve Kohn, Hephzibah