Put Dewar on Aiken City Council

Residents of Aiken's District 3 deserve a voice on city council. For two terms, Don Sprawls has sat in council chambers, through hours and hours of issues being debated, questions being asked, opinions being offered, hardly ever saying a word. Aiken's city council meetings are forums to discuss issues, residents are encouraged to speak. District 3 should elect a council person who has something to offer.


Aiken needs elected officials who are intelligent and open-minded, and are able to process information and make decisions for the good of Aiken. Dick Dewar will represent the citizens of Aiken, not special interests. Dick Dewar has not been in Aiken all his life; he does not owe everybody who has helped him become what he is today.

Dick Dewar is an obvious leader and an organizer, and will be a great asset to the Aiken City Council. Like many of us, he has been troubled by Aiken's rapid development, and he can help. Dick has seen other popular areas damaged by uncontrolled growth, and is in favor of growth paying for growth.

I regularly telephone and e-mail Aiken's council members. Except for Don Sprawls, each council member, the mayor and the city manager all have contacted me in response, whether they agree with my position or not - and have been available to discuss issues, whether they represent my district or not.

Don Sprawls apparently does not respond to e-mails, and his phone number is unlisted. (Ironically, his recent flyer includes his cell phone number.)

Don't just wring your hands while you lose what you love about Aiken. Do your part by voting for Dick Dewar for City Council on Sept. 11.

This a great opportunity for Aiken. There is no Democratic candidate. Sept. 11 is the one chance to vote for this seat.

Jenne Stoker, Aiken, S.C.



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