Faith doesn't always suspend reason

Letter writer Johnnie Poole ("Cartoon represented flat earth society," Aug. 23) stated, "My point is that faith requires the suspension of human reason, and by doing so, makes possible all the unreasonable horrors we see every day committed in the name of faith."

While I certainly agree that faith without reason has resulted in many horrors, faith does not require the suspension of reason. Many years ago, I studied the various religions and wondered what life was all about. During this study and reasoning, I was led to my faith in Jesus. Many people do not believe we should suspend our reason because of our faith, but believe both are important. Both were so important to Pope John Paul II that he wrote two important encyclicals about this topic: "Faith and Reason" ( and "Splendor of the Truth" ( Johnnie might want to read them.

By the way, what faith did Hitler, Stalin, Mao or the Khmer Rouge have when they committed their horrors?

Patrick Mongan, Evans



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