Retreat and defeat typical

It's ironic that Lowell Greenbaum's letter "Surge is failing; troops must leave" (July 20) was opposite the column "With Democrats, it's about retreat and defeat" by Cal Thomas. Dr. Greenbaum's party line about redeployment is exactly what Mr. Thomas states: retreat and defeat.

The recent all-nighter staged by Dr. Greenbaum's party was right in line with their war strategy: they redeployed (i.e. retreat and defeat) to obtain a good night's sleep when their objectives faced an uphill struggle. Dr. Greenbaum's party showed that they could not withstand a tough battle, so they decided to retreat and accept defeat. Now his party wants to call it quits on the war surge, when the agreement was to give it until the September briefing by the top commander in Iraq.

Dr. Greenbaum states that people sent a message to Congress that they want the troops home. The people also have sent a message that Congress has an approval rating lower than President Bush. Dr. Greenbaum's party promised to accomplish a laundry list of things in the first 100 days, but the results certainly warrant the approval rating for Congress. ...

Our great nation finds itself in an epic struggle for our future, the future of a civilized society, with an enemy that wears no uniform, blends in with the civilian population, and has no regard for the lives of other human beings. Mr. Greenbaum and his party do not fully grasp that ... failure in Iraq, and in the war on terror, may determine the very existence of our nation for years to come. ...

Robert Heidman, Grovetown


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