Democrats show cowardly stripes

The one thing Americans can always count on is the cowardice of Democrats, and Lowell M. Greenbaum's recent letter to the editor is a perfect example. ("Surge is failing; troops must leave," July 20).

For Greenbam's information, the surge has just begun with the last of the 30,000 troops arriving in place in the past few weeks. Additionally, in recent weeks, three top al-Qaida leaders in Iraq have been captured, and more and more Iraqis are turning against al-Qaida every day.

The real problem Greenbaum and his fellow Democrats have is that if the surge succeeds, they lose. Democrats have invested all of their political success in America losing the war in Iraq. Therefore, an American victory in Iraq spells disaster for Democrats politically. Since our economy is booming, unemployment is low, the stock market is setting new records and mortgage rates are low, Democrats have only one issue to help them win elections, and that's defeat in Iraq. Is it any wonder Greenbaum wants us to quit and leave Iraq now?

As for the rest of his cowardly colleagues, the Senate Democrats brought cots into the Senate recently to stay all night and break a Republican filibuster. Then, in the early morning hours, they went home. How can anyone in America trust Democrats to have the courage to defend America when they don't have the courage to stay awake all night?

Peter J. Seaha, Aiken, S.C.