Wipe out all hints of local corruption

I am tired of crooked politicians who claim they are looking out for the taxpayers of Augusta - yet they continue to steal from us, right under our noses. They know who they are. They promise us the moon and the stars just to get our votes, then they kick us to the curb once they're in office.


I am proud of the way Augusta Commissioner Betty Beard has turned her attitude around since becoming mayor pro tem. She should talk to commissioners Calvin Holland and Marion Williams and scold them for their uncalled-for behavior.

Politicians who steal from us may think they're pulling a fast one over the taxpayers' eyes, but they'll get what's coming to them come Judgment Day. God sees and hears all. We as local taxpayers may not be able to bring them down, but God will.

Thanks to activist Woody Merry for his lawsuit against Williams, and fighting for what he thinks is right. As for Williams, how did he even become a preacher? Did he buy a dime-store document and fill in the blanks? He is not reflecting what a pastor should be reflecting. He has made himself look greedy, selfish and rude. As a pastor, he should make himself accessible to the public in a good light, instead of the way most people see him - as a loudmouth who has a lot of tantrums, and Holland is right behind him. Does he think God is pleased with his actions?

I am a 54-year-old female, taxpaying Christian who knows that God doesn't like ugly, and Williams has been very ugly. How does he sleep at night, and why did he drag his son-in-law into his dealings?

Augusta needs to clean up corruption and put all greedy-fingered people behind bars, regardless of race.

Tina Cloer, Augusta



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