An economic disaster is looming

For the next 20 or 30 years, our transportation system still will depend largely on oil. Alternative sources of energy being developed are slow and disappointing in some areas. Stampeding into ethanol from corn and other biomass, resulting in environmental damage, is not being discussed in the media. Ever-increasing demand for corn production has increased prices nearly 100 percent and affected the cost of livestock and food production.


With modern drilling methods, our undeveloped petroleum resources, such as the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska, could have bridged the gap for the next 25 years to develop an alternative-fueled economy, including public transportation.

The Democrats and Socialists have forfeited our independence by curtailing production and refining so that now we are more than 61 percent dependent on foreign-oil dictators. Our automobile-driving society will pay $5 per gallon before demanding action from our politicians. It will be too late!

The United Nations' socialist agenda will bring our economy down to Third World standards - that is their goal! It will take a big disaster to shake Americans out of their complacency.

If you vote for this Democratic Party leadership, you will be putting a nail in your own coffin. Lower-income people will be hurt most because their Democrat "protectors" will have them pay exorbitant prices for food and fuel. And if the Democrats then increase entitlements, they also will bankrupt the good old U.S.A. Republicans, you had better shape up and prevent this disaster. We are running out of time!

Remember: Social Security is not a trust fund - not a trust, nor a fund. The money you contributed is gone.

Siegfried von Schweinitz, Appling



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