McGuire will hit the ground running

Next Tuesday, we all have a big decision to make: Who will be the right man to fill the big shoes of state Sen. Jim Whitehead?

As Jim's campaign chairman and legislative aide, Brett McGuire took a hard look at the district's needs and wants. He will be able to hit the ground running from day one if elected by the people of District 24. While his opponent has been retired from politics for years, Brett has been in touch - listening, learning and solving.

Brett is not an old-time politician. He is a forward-thinking man who has a proven track record in business and community service. It's time to give somebody else a chance to run our government. New people bring new ideas and new energy to the table.

Please vote for Brett McGuire for Georgia state Senate District 24, on June 19.

Marlenia Murray, Evans



Sun, 11/19/2017 - 19:48

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