Pre-K offers learning opportunities

This is in reference to the letter written on May 31 concerning prekindergarten ("Pre-K is little more than baby-sitting").

My first question to the author is, how many children does he have that have used the prekindergarten program? As a parent of two children that have attended a prekindergarten program, I can assure him that they were not just baby-sat. My children learned a great deal in prekindergarten, and one has consistently scored well above average on the CRCT, and that child is now in seventh grade (I believe that is well past the third-grade ceiling of pre-K benefit the letter writer mentioned). My other child is going to first grade and now reading on a high first-grade level.

Furthermore, I am a stay-at-home mom, so I do not need a baby-sitter, but the positives of the prekindergarten program far outweigh the negatives.

The Georgia prekindergarten program is free of charge for everybody, no matter who you are or what your income is. The children can go to a public school or to a private day care and attend the prekindergarten program. Oh, hasn't the writer heard? The Georgia prekindergarten program is lottery-funded.

Brigetta Story, Martinez



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