Stop the madness - stop the war

The Bush premise that the "surge" will make all the difference in turning Iraq into a democracy has resulted in a surge of troop deaths, and in April being one of the bloodiest months in the four-year war.


What kind of war is this? Has anyone been asked to ration gasoline, to buy bonds or to sacrifice anything but the American young? It is sad that the right-wingers demand we have victory, but do little to make it come about.

Where is the courage of the Republican leaders to face down President Bush and insist that we end the killing, and the spending of upward of $500 billion? Like children they blindly follow the leader, which will result in many more deaths and no democracy, but instead the schooling of more terrorists.

The Republican leadership must accept the consequences for their failure to understand, on the fourth anniversary of "Mission Accomplished," that the mission has failed. In fact, few Americans, because of all the lies and deceit, understand what the mission is really about, except to pat our soldiers on their backs and send them into a maelstrom leading to deaths of more Iraqis and soldiers. Even Gen. David Petraeus, who is the current savior, says "this is complex war" - meaning, surge or no surge, we are in trouble.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was condemned for saying we lost the war. Can the Republicans say we are winning the war? Do they really think that more spending and more American lives will finally get the mission accomplished?

The American people have said that they want the war ended. The Republicans have failed to hear this dictum, and in future elections face gloom and doom. They have brought it upon themselves, but unfortunately on the backs of the dead and those yet to be buried.

Lowell Greenbaum, Augusta

(Editor's note: The writer is chairman of the Richmond County Democratic Party.)



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