Divisive radio host has got to go

Many area citizens have been concerned for some time about radio station WGAC's talk show host Austin Rhodes, and the poison he spews daily.

Austin, a fixture on our airwaves for 14 years, has been a liability rather than an asset to our great city. He promotes gender, class, racial, political and social divisiveness. He also has engaged in humiliating name-calling and mocked his own juvenility. When challenged, he has offered weak excuses.

Yes, he has followers and supporters among some extreme right-wingers and revisionists who want to shape our country into their own mold. Many of the conservative politicians also use him to promote their agenda, which causes him to believe he has political power. I recall that the Media Committee of the Community Trust Initiative met with a WGAC official in 2005 and complained about Austin and the venom he broadcasts about black people. In response, the committee was told that Austin's show was very popular and a money-maker. Some committee members suggested that WGAC hire another host to present an alterative viewpoint. It was stated that station's format was set for the year, and there was no time slot for another program. The WGAC official concluded that everything was fine, and there was no need for changes. ...

Austin Rhodes must go. His time is out. We want reasoning unifiers, not incendiary dividers, in our city. And if there are Austin Rhodes wannabes, then they must go too. ...

Tracy E. Williams Jr., Augusta



Sat, 12/16/2017 - 20:23

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