Lingering area racism is appalling

The letter "Discrimination actually runs both ways" (April 23) is indicative of The Augusta Chronicle. This paper continues to fan the ebbing flames of racism in this area by publishing that racist diatribe.


Letter author Jack W. Rackliff showed his racist attitude by saying all blacks should be embarrassed by the acts of the Revs. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, and protesters of radio host Austin Rhodes, and that blacks should not be shown respect until black America cleans up "its own back yard."

It is obvious that Mr. Rackliff sees blacks in America as one single entity; to this writer, we do not exist as individuals. We all think alike, all support the same causes and therefore must all be embarrassed by any actions taken by anyone who is black. Should all Koreans be embarrassed by the actions of the shooter at Virginia Tech? Should all whites take responsibility for the actions of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer? Should all Middle Easterners be disrespected because of Osama bin Laden?

Yes, discrimination goes both ways. I discriminate freely toward individuals who do not deserve my respect, but I do not judge an entire race by the actions of individuals.

Mr. Rackliff identifies himself as a Native American. If I met him, I would judge him as an individual, not as the media have depicted the Native American, or as one of the protesters who want all colleges and pro teams to change their American Indian team names, or as one of the stereotypes that have plagued movies.

So if Mr. Rackliff were black, he would have no reason to be embarrassed because he would realize his individuality. He would realize that blacks are not single-cell protozoas that communicate through some single central nervous system.

Was I embarrassed by his letter? No. I was appalled to know that, after my 20 years of military service and earning two master's degrees, people such as Mr. Rackliff would disrespect me based on race alone.

Sherryl James, Evans



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