Protect our children and elderly

I'm tired of all the horrible stories of rape, sexual assaults on children and attacks on elderly folks. Television news, talk shows and especially The Augusta Chronicle report them daily. Come on, lawmakers, parents and grandparents - start complaining to the judges who give actual and potential sexual predators slaps on the wrist but no jail time. If I was a judge, I'd throw them all under the jail and throw away the key.


There's no reason innocent children or the elderly should be subjected to such abuses. I was, and am, a victim, so I speak firsthand. It scars you.

Look at convicted killer and rapist Reinaldo Rivera; he said he would do it again. And look how fat he has gotten at taxpayers' expense, serving multiple life sentences. It disgusts me!

This world has definitely gone to the dogs, and Satan is very much alive. His actions are everywhere. What has happened to morality? So many grown-ups and Hollywood producers don't give a hoot; they're all out for the almighty dollar. Most Hollywood producers have some form of sex in their movies and TV shows. Even sporting events have scantily clad freaks on their shows. Are they that hard up for customers? Why does just about anything we read or see have to have some sort of sex advertised with it?

Also, regarding The Chronicle's Kid of the Day feature: Parents probably are setting themselves up to have sexual predators staking out their homes. I'm sure they're proud of their children, but is it worth risking the safety of your children?

Tina Cloer, Augusta



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