Get to the bottom of the pet food scare

I am furious! This is getting way out of hand. Dog biscuits have been added to the pet food recall list.


First it's Menu Foods - that expands. Now it's dog biscuits and more brands recalled. I'm now throwing away Ol' Roy Munchy Bones my dogs love so much. When will it end? We stopped feeding our animals moist food when the recall started. The dogs eat chicken and carrots. The cat eats tuna fish. Our animals are our children.

We love all animals. Heaven help those people if my animals die because of this. Cats and dogs are sick, dying or have died because of pet food owners' negligence. My cat died last December; we are thinking of exhuming him for an autopsy to see if it is related to the poisoning.

President Bush needs to get involved. The pet food industry needs to be more closely government-regulated. Bush needs to find out why this happened. ...

The CEOs and owners of the poisoned-food companies need to be held legally responsible. They need to be shut down and pay monetary damages to everyone who bought and fed their pets their poisoned food. When it hits their wallets, maybe then they will care.

Animal rights laws need to be updated. The laws need to tougher. People who hurt, abuse, torture and kill animals need to go to prison, their rights taken away. Perhaps they should get done to them what they did to the innocent animals they hurt. ...

Fox News posed a question the other day: Should pets get equal rights as people? Yes. We feed them, teach them, watch them grow up, take them to the doctor, care for them, house them and love them - just like children. When we are sick, they stay by our side, showering us with love and caring. How many human kids do that?

President Bush, do something about this crisis, please!

Beth Guarnieri, North Augusta, S.C.