Practice now for a biologic attack

I am seriously concerned. A current situation is a very good imitator of a possible biologic warfare occurrence. It involves a population, a biological agent and hundreds - and likely thousands - of deaths. Such could very well involve our human population and any of a great number of biologic agents. I refer, of course, to the current epidemic of poisoning of pets through their food sources.

This has been tragic to many of us, but it can be an excellent fire drill for our emergency agencies! They seem to be unaware of the similarity. I hope that your publication can make them aware.

Emergency management needs to have the practice. The Federal Emergency Management Agency probably is unaware that there is a problem. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention probably are involved, but with limited budget and personnel. I feel sure that George W. and his staff are not aware (as has often been the case!).

Will it take as long for a human poisoning problem to be worked out? The country could be in a serious situation if so!

Alex T. Murphey, Evans