Eisenhower delivers great care

I totally disagree with the comments made by letter writer Mr. H.J. Hogan ("Military hospital disrespects veterans," March 13) regarding alleged disrespect at Eisenhower Army Medical Center.

My wife and I have been receiving care at or through Eisenhower for the past 31 and one half years. Overall, we have been delighted with the services provided.

When I go to the Army Hospital at Fort Gordon, I could care less if the staff addresses me by my Army retired rank (which happens to be the same as that of Mr. Hogan). My wife and I focus on prompt, courteous and efficient service and treatment. And that is what we have been getting at Eisenhower for all these years.

Being able to use Eisenhower Army Medical Center has been a blessing for us. We have yet to encounter the disrespect of which Mr. Hogan speaks and commend the people at Eisenhower for operating such a fine medical facility.

Morton S. Lindner, Martinez



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