Bush administration was in the wrong

Are you really saying the Bush administration did well to fire eight U.S. attorneys because of their reluctance to prosecute voter fraud? What kind of voter fraud are you talking about, and which planet are you from?


Did you mean the direct involvement of President Bush in the firing of attorney David Iglesias because it looked as if he wasn't going to indict Democrats before the 2004 elections? The firing of an attorney in Guam in 2002 because he started an investigation into the shenanigans ofcorrupt lobbyist Jack Abramhoff? The firing of attorney Carol Lam in San Diego after she jailed corrupt congressman Duke Cunningham and was opening an inquiry into other corrupt Republicans? Is that the kind of voter fraud you mean?Does that sound like these attorneys were too timid to take on crime?

Even you reported, although on Page 7A, that Senator John Sununu, a leading Republican, is calling for the firing of Attorney General Gonzales. You bring up the Clinton administration and its firing of ninety-three U.S. attorneys. Granted, that was also wrong. But two wrongs do not make a right, and so that is a very weak defense. ...

Since 911, this administration has worked to convince us that itneeds a mandate, in effect, to erode civil liberties, concentrate power in the executive branch, and blend the separation of church and state in order to protect our freedoms and national security.

Many, including President Bush,believe they are on a mission from God to counter the forces of evil whenever and wherever they deem fit.Agree with their schemesor risk being branded an anti-American traitor who wants this country to lose a war whichin actualitywas alost cause even before it began.

Americans need to realize that something far worse than voter fraud has been going on here, and that it has the Founding Fathers spinning in their graves. ...

Joni Ellsworth, North Augusta, S.C.



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