Our values tipping toward evil

The common American is no better than his leaders.

America is full of immoral sexual relationships. Alcohol and drugs are rampant. Americans become the pawns of devils as they rush out to solve the world's problems. It would be far better for them to humble themselves in prayer than to send armies.

Satan is tightening his grip on America as more and more Americans live lives that glorify Satan. America has endorsed perversion and called it "alternative lifestyles." We exploit the poor and call it "the lottery." We reward laziness and call it "welfare." We kill our unborn and call it "choice." We neglect disciplining our children and call it "building self-esteem." We abuse power and call it "politics." We pollute the land with pornography and call it "freedom of expression."

How many of us are in sympathy with the above? How many believe there will be a Day of Judgment?

Richard W. Martin, Augusta


Fri, 08/18/2017 - 02:40

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