A war is on; answer your nation's call

To the disbelievers: Iraq's rulers did have weapons of mass destruction before the war began - some of which were empty food cans, while the biggest are (or were) as large as cement trucks. Others are buried under roads or runways. The devices were implanted starting immediately after Iraq's defeat by U.S. armed forces in 1991.


All the while the explosives are detonated by pressing down on the switch of a cell phone. Others are set off by members of their own population while walking to and from other places, with their families or out shopping - while vehicles move along streets, setting them off with deadly force as they rumble by. ...

Unfortunately, Democrats in Congress, and others who do not know better, have been getting the majority of backing. A majority fears the draft call.

In the past, U.S. folks of all abilities put down their hoes, rakes and plows to answer the call to arms. I was one of them, along with my older brother Walter, who served in the Pacific with the 111th Infantry.

Disenchanted nonbelievers, harken to the boy who put his finger in the hole of the dam. Think what would have happened if he had denied his responsibility?

John Reichel, Martinez



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