Welsh pep talk simply didn't happen

The Augusta Chronicle has shown their lack of professionalism, and has confirmed that it is a poor excuse for a fair, accurate and unbiased newspaper.


In its Jan. 17 edition, Jeff Sentell wrote that Thomson High School's legendary football coach Luther Welsh came into our locker room and gave my team, Thomson's varsity boys basketball team, a pep talk, but it was not enough to overcome the halftime deficit in our game verses Glenn Hills in the Region 2-AAA boys basketball tournament at Cross Creek High School on Feb. 16.

That was a boldface lie. Coach Welsh did not come into our locker room! Our three assistant coaches and I went directly into our locker room behind our team, discussed strategy and followed them out of the locker room back onto the floor. Now, unless Coach Welsh was invisible or was some extraterrestrial being, he was not there. To make sure, after I was informed about the story (I don't read The Chronicle), I asked my assistants, players and managers if Coach Welsh came into our locker room, and they all said "no." ...

Coach Welsh and I have an excellent relationship. He is very supportive, and if I had asked him to speak, he would have. But, I would never ask another coach to speak to my team! For this irresponsible paper to say that he did is not fair to him.

I'm not surprised. The Chronicle has done this before, and I have sort of let it go. This is why I don't participate in its basketball preview and weekly stats, because they are shadowy and inaccurate. I try to have as little to do with the paper as possible. Its coverage of the tremendous basketball in our area is poor, and in a feeble attempt to sensationalize the bit of space it does give basketball, it told a lie.

If it has any integrity, it will fix it!

Michael Thomas, Thomson

(Editor's note: The writer is basketball coordinator and the head varsity boys basketball coach at Thomson High School. The Chronicle issued a correction to the above-mentioned story Feb. 20.)



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