Hillary for president? More's the pity

I feel the pain of the Democratic Party faithful. They are stuck with Hillary Clinton as candidate for president of the United States, and none of the party stalwarts can say publicly what they really feel about it.


Her real supporters ignore the fact that Hillary does not speak the truth, or is not a very intelligent woman. Public sympathy for her as she played out the role of spousal victimology has played a great part in her present position of power.

Do her supporters really believe that Hillary was unaware of the constant womanizing of Bill Clinton? If so, they label her stupid. Of all of the insults Hillary's detractors can level at her, stupidity is not one of them. Ergo: Hillary received marital lemons from an unfaithful spouse, and she cleverly concocted political lemonade out of it. As so many victims manage to do, Hillary has made victimology profitable.

At that point in her march toward political power, Hillary became almost impossible to really question. Her victimhood placed her off-limits with regard to any tough questioning from the media. Unlike her pragmatic and politically charming husband, Hillary is a harsh, driven individual who will ultimately make her detractors pay for their lack of allegiance.

Pity the Democrats having to pretend she's their best candidate. Pity us all if she proves them right.

Gene L. Rickaby, Martinez



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