Don't quit Iraq while plan is working

Congressional Democrats and their supporters on the extreme left will stop at nothing to tear down President Bush.


Many refuse even to acknowledge the legitimacy of his election in 2000. Their transparent strategy has been to criticize everything and give credit for nothing, even when he makes decisions that they support. They hope to wound him with enough pinpricks to cause a significant hemorrhage.

Their strategy has worked, proving once again that going negative pays political dividends. But what have they done to our country? We are now in a world in which anything that hurts Bush helps the Democrats and al-Qaida. While patriotic Americans are trying to win a war, many in Congress have chosen to send aid and comfort to our enemies with their cynical vote denouncing the planned troop surge in Baghdad.

The inane comparisons between Iraq and Vietnam fool only the ignorant. The simple fact is that if we abandon Iraq, the country will descend into sectarian chaos, orchestrated by al-Qaida and Iran. We lose, the Iraqi people lose and the region becomes a tinderbox. Only al-Qaida would benefit. Emboldened and strengthened by our weakness, they would continue to prosecute the worldwide war they started.

We cannot avoid this conflict by refusing to defend ourselves. Radical Islam was in an offensive mode for more than 10 years before our invasion of Iraq. We now have them on defense. It would be foolhardy to relinquish that advantage. Bush was correct to invade Iraq. Despite misinformation from the left, the administration has a plan, and it is working.

My hope is that Bush will continue to ignore the polls, even if his support drops to single digits, and even if it costs Republicans the next election. If a Democratic president prematurely abandons Iraq in early 2009, the disaster sure to follow would relegate Democrats to spectator status for a generation while the world explodes.

James Wilde, Evans


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