Visas, immigration undercut U.S. workers

The Jan. 26 Metro section cover story regarding ramping up educational requirements as a prelude to entering the work force of the future ("Educators see math, science efforts add up") provided little insight to the problem at heart.


Only in the past several years have we been informed that American workers are incapable of competing on a level playing field - that our math and science skills are so sorely lacking that only a federally mandated government program could correct the problem.

Perhaps Uncle Sam should look at repealing the L1 Visa, a little-known program permitting foreign companies to flood the United States with overseas workers without paying prevailing U.S. wages, under the auspices of an "intercompany transfer."

The ideology that U.S. workers consistently rank below the curve is largely a myth perpetuated by U.S. tech companies in an effort to circumnavigate paying commensurate wages by claiming that only overseas workers can fill the resulting shortfall.

The geopolitical reality is that the aforementioned L1 Visa, NAFTA and our elected representatives created this alleged imbalance in the first place. We should focus efforts and energies on repealing ridiculous and asinine programs that damage our economic engines and suppress economic growth. Meanwhile, countries such as Mexico continue to export poverty problems via unchecked immigration to the United States at taxpayer expense before we entertain some dopey government fix such as No Child Left Behind.

Keith Petty, Evans


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