World's cultures are not created equal

This will offend. I write with urgency because of our leaders forgetting or never understanding this war. It took me five years but now I understand.


Being a Democrat, I hold health care, education and the environment high on my list of priorities - normally. These are not normal times. We are at war not with an enemy but with an enemy of ideas - ideas intent on destroying our way of life. I'd rather leave my grandchildren with an indebted nation than no nation at all.

Empires are not conquered; they crumble. The Western world's foundation is crumbling because of the politically correct idea that all cultures are equal. This is a mistake. "The least initial deviation from the truth is multiplied later a thousandfold." So wrote Aristotle in the fourth century B.C. This mistake is larger than any presidential or CIA blunders.

All cultures are not equally right; ours is, theirs is not. Countries and people participating or struggling to participate in the 21st century do not cut people's heads off! I will respect your culture if you stop trying to kill me. Don't hijack planes your culture could never build and fly them into buildings it could never construct. This culture cannot even unite in its hatred of us.

Here is an Iraq exit strategy: stop killing each other for six months, and we will leave. It will never happen, and that is why we are building 14 permanent bases in Iraq. This war will continue to be waged regardless of our participation. It will move to Africa to recruit poorer and more desperate people. Enough individuals will die by sectarian violence or genocide that Bono will be asking for the bombs to fall, then maybe it will be too late.

Remember, these sixth-century fanatics mutilate women and, yes, cut peoples heads off! I, for one, will not respect that.

Todd Friedel, Midville



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