Enough talk; let's get the job done

I believe The Augusta Chronicle editors do get it, and I thank them for that. Lowell Greenbaum pretends to speak for the American people, but he doesn't ("Bush gambling away troops' lives," Feb. 1).

Liberals such as Mr. Greenbaum live in a world of fantasy. The reason we are having such a hard time in Iraq is because of the liberalized way that we are trying to fight this war. The sooner we unleash the might of our military and put the fear of our God in the insurgents, the better.

The time has come to quit worrying what the world is going to think, and what liberals are going to think because these people wouldn't defend their mother, much less their country. We have got to crush the enemy, and put Iran and Syria on notice that they have 24 hours to cease and desist their arming, training and logistical support of the insurgents - or else. "Else" means a squadron of B1 and B2 bombers on their way to a town near you, Mr. A-mad-jihad.

No, it's people such as Mr. Greenbaum, Tim Robbins, Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon and Jane "Jihad" Fonda and the 100,000 hippie throwbacks who don't get it. They want to talk, chat and start a dialogue. Well, I'm tired of talking.

David B. Caudle, Grovetown



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