Confederate flag flap is unnecessary

Well, Southerners, the NAACP and the Rainbow-PUSH Coalition are after our flag again.


It's a shame that they do not use the money and resources they have to address real problems: jobs, school dropouts, black-on-black crime, teen pregnancies, gangs and AIDS. They have failed on these issues.

They get television time complaining about the flag as if all their problems will go away if the flag comes down. Then here come the politicians who want to be elected, disparaging the flag. They would march with the Klan if they thought it would swing the vote in their favor.

I'm glad that my black friends know the true history of the War between the States. Some even have family who fought and died for the South.

It's a real shame in this day and time that people do not know their history. They just let others lead them around blindly, instead of researching their families' histories for themselves.

Debra Scritchfield, Augusta



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