Illegals contribute to U.S. crime

Recent reports of increasing violent crime should not surprise anyone. According to The New American's Jan. 8 issue, the Government Accountability Office reports that in 2003 illegal aliens comprised 27 percent of the federal prison population, but 7.2 percent of the general population. A 2005 GAO study found that 55,322 illegal aliens in federal prison were arrested at average of eight times, and had committed an average of 13 crimes each.


With more illegal aliens coming every day, this translates into increased crime - something we do not need, since we have enough of the home-grown variety.

Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution states, "The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; ... ."

If 12 million illegal aliens is not an invasion, what is? Plus, too many of them are career criminals and bring their predations with them.

Deborah Kauflin, who heads the Violent Crimes Institute, reported that a disproportionate share of illegal aliens are dangerous sex criminals. VCI uncovered a wave of crime to include robbery, child molestation, rape and murder, including serial murders and gang rapes. Based on VCI's numbers, from a population of 12 million illegal aliens, we now have 240,000 illegal-alien sex criminals in the United States.

A 2002 article in The Washington Post backed Deborah Kauflin's opinion that, in some foreign sectors, the "concept of rapto," meaning the abduction of a woman or girl to rape her, was "socially acceptable."

While tragic events occur, our political leaders pontificate about "guest worker" programs to disguise their plans for amnesty for illegal aliens flooding our nation. Will you hold accountable our representatives in Washington who took an oath to uphold the Constitution?

Elton T. Booth, North Augusta, S.C.



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