Don't tamper with the election cycle

I heard and read where Richmond County Elections Director Lynn Bailey, when asked by Augusta-area state legislators for money-saving ideas, said that commission elections could be delayed until 2008 because the cost of an off-year election was so high.

Now, something is disturbing about this. I never remember anyone bringing that excuse up before. Kind of funny that it only emerges when it is time to finally be rid of Augusta commissioners Marion Williams and Andy Cheek. Now we may have to look at them for another year? I wonder about the timing of all this. No changes should be made concerning the terms to benefit the incumbent. Let them take place after a new crop comes in.

Now one way that election costs can be trimmed: When an incumbent decides to resign his job to seek a higher paying one, and there is a need for a special election for a replacement, let the incumbent foot the cost of the election. The incumbent should be required to finish the term, then seek another office. How many special elections has the county been required to hold because of job jumping, from Bob Young on?

We do not need Williams and Cheek's company any longer than their original terms.

Don Matthews, Augusta



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