Iraq war is a 'deed of dreadful note'

Like a Shakespearean tragedy, George W. Bush's presidency has entered its fifth act. The American public has watched this grim play now for six years, and knows how it must end. The only difference is that on Jan. 20, 2009, Bush will simply walk off the stage. Unfortunately, several thousand more of America's young men and women will have shed their innocent blood for his tragic mistakes.


Like Macbeth in his Act V, George Bush's presidential title now "hangs loose about him like a giant's robe upon a dwarfish thief." Thrust upon history's stage at a critical moment, the 9-11 attack on America, Bush has seen the vestments of the presidency, tailored for men of character and judgment, become large and loose on his shrunken shoulders. Watching him in the White House library as he announced his desperate "surge" plan for Iraq, he summoned the remnants of his vaunted bravado, but looked lost and almost pitiable.

Like Macbeth, those soldiers Bush is now ordering into the deadly Iraq breach "move only in command, not in love." As the American public generally, growing numbers of America's military now realize Bush has been an utter failure as commander in chief. Bush has led us into a military, political and diplomatic nightmare that his departure in Act V will not end for the rest of us.

George Bush is a thief. He has stolen our national self-respect and our global reputation. In the name of "security," his administration steals and converts our cherished constitutional liberties. He has stolen our national pride.

Finally, like the tragic Macbeth, George Bush can no longer "buckle his distempered cause within the belt of rule." It is Republicans, not Democrats, who need to step up to their leader and force reality upon him: "Mr. President, it's over."

Charles Heywood, Martinez



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