Throw book at irresponsible adults

I just don't understand what kind of adult would allow or encourage underage drinking (" 'Big beer party' is raided; 3 arrested," Jan. 9).


I hate to think of what could have happened if the police hadn't raided the party. How many parents would have been awakened to a knock on their doors to be told that their children were dead because of a DUI-related wreck?

My ex-husband allowed/encouraged/forced my three sons and three of their friends to drink, and it resulted in the deaths of my sons, and the physical and mental scars that will never fade from the lives of three other children. As a result my ex-husband is serving a 40-year sentence in prison - which in my eyes is not near enough time.

I just wonder how much more blood has to be shed before someone takes notice and makes the laws stricter for idiots who contribute to the delinquency of minors. What are these people thinking?

I think that they should be made to look at accident photos and listen to a broken mother describe what is like to hold her dead child in her arms for the last time all because some stupid adult decided it would be OK to allow them to drink and, in my case, drive.

These kinds of people need to be put under the jail!

Joy Groomes Batchelor, North Augusta, S.C.



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