Letter: Dems still stubborn

Well, it’s finally over! If you are a liberal Democrat (progressive), you have been soundly defeated! That particular group does not accept defeat well, because they have been programmed to believe they are the elite and are always, in any situation, absolutely correct.
This election, in my mind, was about many things, but mainly about the policies and high-handed behavior of President Obama. Here is a man who truly was not qualified to be president. However, he is not gone yet, and Democrats are intent in making him president for life!
Democrats dismiss anything bad about them and adamantly refuse to believe any of it. They will however, believe anything from their party bosses about their opponents. I venture to say that they haven’t a clue about Donald Trump other than what they “know” to be true from the mouths of their party, which has an excellent record of personal character assassination.
Now that they have lost, they revert to the same immature practice of rioting and looting to show their angst. The current riots in this country reported to be against Trump likely were bought and paid for by billionaire George Soros, who I believe enlisted the services of convicted felon Robert Creamer as an organizer. This is the same thing they did in Ferguson, Mo. Creamer put out the call, and all those anarchists and hangers-on responded! By the way, Creamer has visited the White House at least 342 times to visit with somebody (Obama?). I wonder why.
With all the riots going on, it may be time to call for martial law so the president can stay on. You think?




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