UGA dismisses basketball player

Monday, July 14, 2014 2:24 PM
Last updated 8:20 PM
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ATHENS, Ga. -- Junior forward Brandon Morris has been dismissed from the University of Georgia basketball team, head coach Mark Fox said in a statement released early Monday afternoon.

Junior forward Brandon Morris is facing a felony charge of possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.   MORRIS NEWS SERVICE
Junior forward Brandon Morris is facing a felony charge of possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.

Morris is facing a felony charge of possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. He was arrested by Athens-Clarke County police and booked into the Clarke County Jail early Sunday morning and released on a $2,500 bond before noon Sunday.

“This program has a strong expectation of citizenship and every one of our players understands this,” Fox said. “This expectation does not mean that mistakes will not happen. When they do I always deal with them appropriately. Brandon had a very clear understanding of our expectation. Unfortunately, I’ve had to dismiss him from our team. We’ve offered Brandon as much help as we can as he leaves, in hope that he can continue his career somewhere else.”

Morris, from Lithonia, averaged 8.6 points and 3.4 rebounds per game as a sophomore for the Bulldogs last season. He started 25 of the 31 games in which he played, averaging 25.4 minutes per contest.

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Just My Opinion
Just My Opinion 07/14/14 - 03:31 pm
Interesting. Our player gets

Interesting. Our player gets caught with some marijuana and he gets kicked off the team. Auburn's QB Nick Marshall (who UGA kicked out a couple of years ago) was caught with some marijuana and he gets nothing...not even arrested?? Is that correct??
Well, I'm sorry for Brandon Morris. But the good news is, if the basketball team is anything like their football program, he can apply to Auburn and most likely get in!! People with arrest records go to the front of the line!!

I honestly don't know if this is Brandon's first offense, but I think getting kicked off the team is alittle too tough. There's probably more to it than is written here.
Maybe he should try to play for a team in Colorado??

Fiat_Lux 07/14/14 - 04:55 pm
The "Intent to distribute" part

was probably pretty important to sending this guy on his way.

fatboyhog 07/14/14 - 05:14 pm

I wonder if this athlete will continue to get scholarships? If he gets Federal Financial Aid, will he be denied that if he's convicted for a felony drug offense? What is it with these knuckleheads who basically get a free ride to a college and squander the opportunity? If he's convicted, he should be banned from scholarships that offer him a free ride. Again, there's no fear of serious sanctions, so they don't care. If they are good enough, they know they can go to another school. We should not allow drug dealers to continue their "education" as a springboard to the NBA, NFL, MLB, or any other professional sports contract.

Sweet son
Sweet son 07/14/14 - 05:51 pm
I'm with Fiat! A misdemeanor possession of a small bag of dope

is one thing but possession with the intent to distribute graduates the situation to another level. He just squandered a 'free ride' to a great institution over marijuana.

The punishment from the school fits and I hope a judge makes an example out of him for supposedly being a role model for younger basketball wanna bees.

Sorry Morris you are a loser.

nocnoc 07/14/14 - 09:12 pm
He was just following the College course outline for JOCKS

Remedial Reading,
See Probation Officer,
Gardening 101,
See Tutor,
Physics of Basketball propulsion,
Call the Booster Club for a Limo this weekend,
Basic contract negotiations.
Basketball practice,
Sell a little weed for new $300 sneakers,

Seriously Dealing is a major no-no.
If it had been covered over, the coach and likely many others would be looking for a job.

geecheeriverman 07/15/14 - 05:20 am

recruiting from the "hood" begets hoods from the "hood"

nocnoc 07/15/14 - 07:03 am
To Semi-Quote another commenter

Aren't there White Basketball players that did not live in the Hood?

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