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SC teacher arrested for class cheating

Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2014 7:30 AM
Last updated 8:05 PM
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JAMES ISLAND, S.C. — A teacher at a Charleston County school has been arrested and accused of giving students the answers to tests.

Thirty-three-year-old Rachel Tisdale was arrested last week and charged with violation of mandatory test security at James Island Charter High School.

Tisdale has been a math teacher and varsity cheerleading coach since 2004.

The State Law Enforcement Division says Tisdale copied a secure test booklet and let students see copies before taking the test. SLED says the violations occurred between 2008 and 2013.

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Jaddy Baddy
Jaddy Baddy 02/25/14 - 04:09 pm
What is cheating?

What is cheating?

I had a loyal Tory Englishman professor, a nationally recognized
security advisor to Jimmy Carter, no less, try to bait me and every
Texan in his class with comments about black women riding buses
with cockroaches in their hair. Was he trying to label Us all racist and
cheat us out of a college degree?

I had a college prof who commanded everyone in her programming
class to "buddy up", partner with another student in that class to code
a semester thesis program. In a class of thirty one students, that
Required one student to perform twice as much work as any other, to
achieve the same grade. Was I Cheated?

I had another professor require us to write a synopsis of a stage
musical that was adapted into a major Hollywood movie. It was an
elective class for me, filled with drama students. Every book of such
plays was checked out of the school library; I mean the minute the
project was announced after class ended, every Shakespeare,
Loerners and Loew, Rogers and Hammerstein, every book on stage
musicals was Gone, forcing me to write my synopsis based on the
movie, itself. Being pre-internet, I had no other sources from which to
draw my material. As the movie was not entirely faithful to the stage
play, and only encompassed the climactic events of the play, and not
the entire breadth of the play, I was discounted a full grade point for
writing about the screen play, and Not about the play, itself. Was I

I attended a college in a snooty upper class neighborhood, where
everybody played soccer and tennis, and everybody's Daddy had a
golf cart. I grew up on RoC Coca Cola and American football, I
wouldn't have known which end of a tennis racket to hold. I had a
math final where thirty percent of the grade was based on your
knowledge of tennis scoring and knowing what the hell love thirty
meant, with no explanation of tennis scoring, before Wimbledon and
tennis became popular. The prof excused himself from the class
immediately after handing out the exams, leaving no proctor to
consult. If I had asked a fellow student in the middle of an exam, I'd
have been black balled for cheating. If I hadn't aced the entire first
two thirds of the exam, I wouldn't have graduated. Was I Cheated?

I had several math classes back in the day when a graphics
calculator cost as much as a college semester's tuition, I was in my
thirties and my twenty something preppy math doctor college prof
and half the class of TI foreign exchange technicians spent the entire
final exam flashing their early release TI-81s at me, while I
methodically, glacially plotted graph points on pen and paper. Was
That class, age, financial and racial prejudice, Cheating?

I know a college student who was Required by their professor to
research a paper in concert with another student. One of those
students insisted they turn in a joint paper with material written by the
two of them, as anyone might have thought was indicated by teaming
the two together. The second student was accused of plagiarism and
placed on probation, and subsequently had every grade devalued in
every class they took. This student was frozen out of their dorm room
and was eventually hounded out of school by their classmates. Was
That Cheating?

There is a hell of a lot that goes on in so called institutions of higher
learning that ain't kosher, but gets winked at in the name of class,
racial, sexual, age, origin and financial prejudice: including who
ultimately gets flamed and blamed for Cheating.

rmwhitley 02/25/14 - 07:17 pm
She must

have worked here in the Atlanta area where cheating is taught in Cheating 101.

SB3 02/26/14 - 01:48 am
What is cheating?

Cheating is copying the test and giving it out to students before the actual test.

Your examples are not cheating, just unfair situations that happen to everybody at one time or another. Let it go. Being that bitter about things you were able to work through makes it sound like you're whining. Don't excuse real cheating by pointing to these things. It doesn't work.

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