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Savannah deputy jailed in wider molestation probe

Saturday, Dec. 28, 2013 6:39 AM
Last updated 11:49 PM
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SAVANNAH, Ga. -- Prosecutors told a judge on Friday that a 2008 allegation of aggravated child molestation against Chatham County Sheriff’s Deputy Lt. Richard Adam “Rick” Hall was just “the tip of the iceberg.”

Lt. Richard Hall  Morris News Sevice
Morris News Sevice
Lt. Richard Hall

“We are just scratching the surface,” Assistant District Attorney Emily Puhala told Chatham County Superior Court Judge Timothy R. Walmsley during a bond hearing held in chambers.

Puhala said the state was “strenuously opposed” to bond for Hall.

Following the hearing, Walmsley denied bond for Hall, a 28-year veteran deputy sheriff, based, in part, on the sheer volume of what he had heard.

“It sounds like there are a lot of moving parts in play,” Walmsley said.

He ruled that Hall poses a significant:

• threat or danger to person(s) to the community, or to property in the community.

• risk of intimidating witnesses or otherwise obstructing the administration of justice.

Walmsley told defense attorney Alex Zipperer he would be open to reconsidering the bond request at a later date if evidence merited it but would allow prosecutors a “reasonable period” before taking the issue up again.

Hall, 52, was arrested at his Wilmington Island home Dec. 20 on a charge of aggravated child molestation of a male, now 17, that allegedly occurred in April/May 2008. The victim was 12 at the time.

Hall, who did not attend Friday’s hearing, remains in custody at the Chatham County Jail, where he is being held in the medical wing. He has been placed on admnistrative leave without pay from his duties with the sheriff’s department.

Chief Assistant District Attorney Greg McConnell told Walmsley on Friday Hall had a male roommate, 18, in the Wilmington Island house, as well as a boy who is almost 3. They have been removed and the house closed down, prosecutors said.

Five other people have made allegations against Hall to civilians, not police, that “they have been molested by Hall. They are now adults,” McConnell said.

Investigators are looking into allegations that Hall used his official position to influence numerous witnesses, including threats against parents who are on probation, McConnell said.

McConnell also told Walmsley federal investigators informed him this week that Hall is the “target” of a Department of Justice child pornography investigation and officials were preparing to execute a search warrant in that case.

Zipperer argued there was an “awful lot of spinning going on” with the state’s case.

“I don’t see that there’s any evidence of current misbehavior,” he told the judge.

He said the state’s “vague allegations” stemmed from the 2008 case.

“They’re not alleging current, ongoing activity,” Zipperer said. “It doesn’t seem to amount to a whole lot to me.”

According to Puhala, the 2008 case resurfaced last week after a jail inmate complained that Hall was using his official position to keep custody of a child.

During execution of a search warrant, investigators found pictures of sexual erotica but not pornography, prosecutors said. Hall’s personal computers are being reviewed for content, they said.

In the case of the then-12-year-old, Hall asked his family whether the boy could come to Hall’s house and do yard work, McConnell said.

The child would return home with “large sums of cash” but wasn’t getting dirty, the prosecutor said. Hall then would pressure the child’s mother, who was on probation, when she tried to halt the conduct.

Hall also picked the child up from school without authorization, McConnell said.

During the execution of the search warrant at Hall’s residence, investigators found “a very large stash of cash, several thousand dollars,” Puhala said.

The investigation of the 2008 case “abruptly stopped,” McConnell said, and was never reported to either the Savannah police nor the District Attorney’s office, he said.

In the case of the 2-year-old, McConnell said Hall was his “legal guardian” and when the mother attempted to end that, Hall threatened to report her to the Department of Family & Children Services to take the child away.

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Navy Gary
Navy Gary 12/28/13 - 08:52 am
If this is true...

If this is true, he'll get what he's got coming in the hoosegow. A child molester and a cop? He'll be abused with regularity.

freeradical 12/28/13 - 11:30 am
Inmates Taking Over The Asylem

The only trouble is we are fast approaching the point were these

cretins outnumber the bank robbers , drug dealers , thieves ,

murderers , etc,etc, .

And that is not by choice , this crime being the darling crime of the

professional class .

If this cretin were any lower profile the judge would have ordered him

to wear a darling little ankle bracelet and he'd be free as a bird right

now .

The proof of all this is that when they are caught for the third or

fourth time and the judge has absolutely no other alternative but

to send them to jail for a year or two , they go right back to their

old ways the day after release .

Not a care in the world of going back to jail .

Does not phase them a bit .

The living hell myth of jail perpetuated on the outside is a lie that

serves them well.

Dixieman 12/28/13 - 01:39 pm
Child molester and cop?

He will not have fun in jail. Add espionage and he will win the Triple Crown of unpopular convicts.

jimmymac 12/28/13 - 01:51 pm

One can only hope he'll get what's coming to him if he's convicted. He should be the prison whipping boy for the rest of his miserable life.

willie Lee
willie Lee 12/28/13 - 07:53 pm


jojocan 12/28/13 - 09:05 pm
Child Molester

This is worse than shameful. I know a local man that raped his step-grandchild from age 8 to 14 as well as others in his family. He turned himself in after being confronted by family and the children he raped. He is still out on bond and no trial for his crimes has been set and it has been a year now. So why are these creeps getting off so lightly and out and about around other children to do the same until someone puts them under the jail?

freeradical 12/28/13 - 11:50 pm
Favored Professional Class Crime .


The reason they are treated so lightly and favorably is that this is the

most popular crime among Dr's , Professers , Commisioners ,

Teachers , Lawyers , Judges , Councilmen , Police, etc,etc,etc, &


The only thing left to do for the professional class is to nullify the whole

situation .

Meaning legalization .

The age for boys will be first , much like in Europe .

Boys will be boys , after all .

Then little girls will follow .

Is there any doubt this land is condemned ?

JRC2024 12/29/13 - 07:59 pm
Willie what should myfather

Willie what should myfather and fatboy defend? They most likely would like to be the arresting officer of this creep. They have morals and do not like criminals like most decent people.

robert2410 12/29/13 - 07:26 am
I believe willie Lee would be

I believe willie Lee would be more likely to defend this than myfather.

willie Lee
willie Lee 12/29/13 - 09:49 am
It was a Pun!

I have yet to see either one of them ever write that a cop has done anything wrong.

itsanotherday1 12/29/13 - 02:23 pm
Then you haven't been reading

Then you haven't been reading their posts much have you Willie? I have long been a critic of cops and anyone else who misuse/misapply their authority, and won't back down from that. However, I've never seen MF15 or FBH defend a bad cop. Never.

If all police departments were staffed by officers like MF15, us critics would have very little to complain about.

myfather15 01/01/14 - 03:26 pm
Thank you, to all of you who

Thank you, to all of you who had good words to say about me. I really appreciate that and I DO take citizens trust, very seriously!! I also take my honor and integrity very seriously.

Now, to willie lee; once again you've chosen to prove your ignorance of reality!! I've been commenting for almost three years and I've attacked many of these deputies/officers. If guilty, and it looks like there is a LOT of evidence; this so-called officer is a disgusting piece of filth, of the worst kind!! JRC is absolutely correct, I would LOVED to have been the arresting officer on this low life!! I just can't believe he got away with it for so long.

You are so confused or blinded by your hatred for law enforcment, it blocks any common sense you might possess. I have stated MANY times that law enforcement officers HAVE and will continue to do things wrong!! Guess what? I don't have a problem when YOU say they do!! My problem with YOU, is that everytime something like this comes up, you want to espouse that EVERY officer is corrupt and doing such things as this. That's completely absurd!! Stop being blinded by your hatred!!

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