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Mother, aunt of suspect in baby's death arrested

New information leads police to gun

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SAVANNAH, Ga. -- The mother and aunt of a teenage suspect in the fatal shooting of a baby in his stroller have been arrested on charges that they lied to authorities, police said Tuesday.
After their arrests, both women gave police new information that helped lead investigators to a small saltwater pond where they found a handgun, Glynn County police Chief Matt Doering said. He said the gun was being tested to determine whether it could be matched to the slaying last week of 13-month-old Antonio Santiago.
The new arrests targeted relatives of 17-year-old De'Marquise Elkins, who is jailed on murder charges. The slain child's mother, Sherry West, says she was pushing her baby in his stroller Thursday near their home in Brunswick, 80 miles south of Savannah, when a gunman shot the child in the face and wounded her after she refused to give money to him and a younger accomplice.
Elkins' mother, 36-year-old Karimah Elkins, and his aunt, 33-year-old Katrina Elkins, were booked Tuesday morning at the Glynn County jail on charges of making false statements to police, a misdemeanor. Jail records show both women were released after posting bond.
"We arrested them last night and brought them back to headquarters, where we afforded them the opportunity to make additional statements," Doering said Tuesday. "They did, and that information led us to other witnesses ... (who) led us to an area where the gun was disposed of."
Doering would not say what false statements either woman made. The slaying suspect's aunt told The Associated Press and other media outlets after his arrest that her nephew couldn't be the killer because he was at her house for breakfast Thursday morning and then ran errands with her family when the baby and his mother were shot.
The aunt, booked at the jail under the name Katrina Elkins, told The AP and others that her last name was Freeman. Her jail mugshot showed her to be the same woman.
"He was with us the whole time," the aunt told The AP on Saturday, and she said she gave police the same account of her nephew's whereabouts. "There is no doubt in my mind that he is innocent."
Nobody answered calls to Katrina Elkins' home phone or cellphone Tuesday. No working number for Karimah Elkins could be found. It was not immediately known whether either woman had hired an attorney.
West, the baby's mother, has said she and her son were walking home from the post office, a few blocks from her apartment, when they were approached by two youths asking for money. She said she told them she had none, and an older teenager drew a handgun and asked her: "Do you want me to shoot your baby?"
She said the gunman shot her in the leg, and another bullet grazed her left ear, before he shot her baby in the face. West and the boy's father had just celebrated Antonio's first birthday in February.
West identified De'Marquise Elkins as the shooter when police showed her a photo lineup of 24 faces, she said.
Police also arrested 15-year-old Dominique Lang on murder charges. Lang still needed an attorney appointed to defend him when he made his first appearance before a judge Monday.
West has said she's certain Elkins was the shooter. She said the younger boy mostly hid behind him.
Kevin Gough, a public defender representing De'Marquise Elkins, said Tuesday that defense attorneys are looking closely at possible alibis for the suspect. Gough also said it's tough to persuade a jury with an alibi defense in a small city such as Brunswick. Elkins' aunt lives less than 2 miles from the crime scene.
"We believe very strongly in his innocence," Gough said of De'Marquise Elkins.

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roblever59 03/26/13 - 05:35 pm
Please make sure you get the

Please make sure you get the right people!

nocnoc 03/26/13 - 05:57 pm
The problem is

20 years later on, in his (their) final days on Death Row there will be a group protesting the verdict despite all the evidence.

They will argue:
He/they was/were a good boy(s), and they were eating breakfast for 3 hours at the aunts.

He is a changed man, or found a new meaning, new evidence, a witness recanted, extents sorrow, saved other in prison, been a role model for others, another person on their death bed admitted to the crime, and any excuse they can use.

scoopdedoop64 03/26/13 - 06:29 pm

I don't get it. The chronicle sure didn't include much information like how they found the gun, or about the mother and aunt being arrested for making false statements to police to give the boy an alibi.
@nocnoc You are probably right about that. Even though the mother saw him do it, even though they have witnesses, even though someone may have had a phone video of the killing, even though his family lied for him, 20 years from now we will still be paying for this guy to have 3 meals a day and a bed a tv and who knows what else. :(

nocnoc 03/27/13 - 05:15 am
A few comments on the article

1. So much for the 1000% innocence defense. - That lawyer will never be taken serious again.

2. Is the listing of the 15 y/o's names is that legal in GA is his being charged as an adult? Did I missed it?

3. It seems my comment on yesterdays earlier article, on the same topic, was re-applied to the updated article later that night?

4. I'd hope the police down there charge the 2 liars (Mother and Aunt) with more than giving flase statements. This after all a hideous murder.

5. If I sired such a monster I would gone hunting with him in the Savannah River Swamp below Lock-n- Damn as soon I learned of the deed.

6. Kevin Gough, a public defender is in denial and just won't give up despite his case having exploding in his face.

carcraft 03/27/13 - 05:36 am
Well I guess the alibi will

Well I guess the alibi will now be we couldn't have done it we were busy throwing a gun into a pond when the murder occurred!

nocnoc 03/27/13 - 06:04 am
Carcraft - needs to be scolded

Don't be giving the defense lawyers ideas.
Who knows it might work given some of the voters we have seen selected as jury members.

Either way, good one Carcraft.

deestafford 03/27/13 - 06:42 am
Did you notice that there is no mention

of a male adult, I think they call them fathers, in the lives of either of these thugs? I read an article the other day that 48% of the first time births in the US are now to single, unwed women. This is what the future holds:
37.1% of single parent, female head of households will be in poverty compared with 6.8% of married, two parent families.
For whites that's 22.0% single parent, 3.2% two parent
For blacks that's 35.6% single parent, 7.0% two parent
For Hispanics that's 37.9%, 13.2% two parent

Most of the prisoners are from single parent households as well.

So, you see we really have a bright future ahead of us since society has taken away any shame or stigma of having a child out of wedlock and in some cultures many babies by different sperm donors.

MarinerMan 03/27/13 - 08:25 am
Adjoining Gurneys

All three Elkins should be on adjoining gurneys in Jackson. The real question will be whether or not the DA/Judge/Jury have the stones to execute @ least ONE of the Elkins, IN A TIMELY MANNER. Send them Texas.

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