Driver license delays continue

Wednesday, July 11, 2012 8:06 AM
Last updated 8:09 AM
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Continuing delays and long lines are frustrating Georgia motorists trying to get their driver licenses renewed.

Georgia drivers license applicants wait last week outside Athens  Morris News Sevice
Morris News Sevice
Georgia drivers license applicants wait last week outside Athens

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that long lines of up to four hours are continuing, despite recent assurances from state officials that wait times would be less this week.

At some state offices, drivers hoping to renew their licenses were being turned away amid a crush of people.

Georgia Department of Driver Services spokeswoman Susan Sports says the agency has expanded the list of acceptable documents it would accept to prove residency and identity and is moving employees to high-demand areas. She said wait times are still unacceptable.

The Columbus Ledger-Enquirer reports that House Speaker David Ralston blamed the state agency for inadequately preparing for a new law requiring the additional documentation.

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nocnoc 07/11/12 - 09:25 am
No use complaining to local or state officials

The requirements came down from our Federally elected Reps.

Contact them to complain... IF they listen, maybe something will get done in 2 or 3 years afterwards.

dichotomy 07/11/12 - 09:47 am
They did a poor job of

They did a poor job of disseminating this information. They should have been hammering this in the media for several months before the effictive date. And, of course, it's true that the license offices did a poor job of preparing but that would have had less of an impact if more of the public had been made aware earlier.

kiwiinamerica 07/11/12 - 10:05 am
More worthless, oppressive

More worthless, oppressive bureaucracy from our busy-body, interfering government which must be seen to be "doing something".

Last time I renewed my driver's license, I did so through the mail and never had to go near a Driver's Services office. It was simple, efficient and quick.

But that was too good to last. Something had to be done. They just couldn't leave well alone. Oh noooooooo.............

oldfella 07/11/12 - 02:28 pm
And these documents would be.......?

Don't leave me (the uninformed) hanging - what are these newly required documents so I'm not caught short?

GaStang22 07/11/12 - 07:15 pm
Agreed oldfella

A good article would have included the list...or a minimum a link.

Techfan 07/12/12 - 05:03 am
The problems people are

The problems people are having getting their Georgia drivers licenses renewed can be traced to a lack of preparation by the state Department of Driver Services, state House Speaker David Ralston said Monday in Columbus.
Ralston was among a small group of state Republican leaders flying around the state this week, speaking on issues facing the state and campaigning for fellow legislators. During a press conference at the Columbus Municipal Airport, Ralston spoke on issues ranging from health care, job creation and criminal justice reform.
In the last legislative session, the General Assembly made changes in the requirements to get a state driver’s license. Applicants must have an original or certified copy of their birth certificate, Social Security card and two forms of proof or address.
Confusion about the requirements among applicants and a lack of preparation by the Georgia Department of Driver Services have caused long lines and much frustration among all involved, according to numerous news reports from around the state.
“I think we did know that there would be some delays, but frankly, I‘ve been a little disappointed by the level of preparation by the Department of Drivers Services,” Ralston said. “I think they understand now that this is taking more time.”
Many of the changes that state made were required by federal law, so state lawmakers’ hands were tied, Ralston said.
“In the post 911 world, we have a lot more security measures that we are required to implement,” Ralston said. “We have had some problems, but some are being ironed out as we speak. I’ve communicated to the department that we need to do whatever it takes to make sure Georgians are well served, and frankly, I think in the opening days of that they weren’t.”
Area state Reps. Richard Smith and Kip Smith were among the GOP dignitaries at the fly-through, which included Speaker Pro Tem Jan Jones and Majority Leader Larry O’Neal.
Richard Smith agreed with Ralston’s assessment of the drivers license renewal woes.
“The Department of Driver Services could have done a much better job of letting people know that you need to have birth certificate, Social Security card and two proofs of record that you live where you say you live,” Smith said. “That’s not a big demand, but it is if you don’t know it.”

Read more here:

Craig Spinks
Craig Spinks 07/12/12 - 05:15 am
Home of the Brave?

Are so many of us so paranoid about Arab and Hispanic domination of the US of A that our "leaders" have resorted to the passage of laws requiring this level of personal intrusion to assuage these irrational feelings?

oldfella 07/12/12 - 05:54 am
What if I recently moved here?

What if I recently moved here and will be in a motel until I find a home?
Will I have to wait for utility bills to arrive to get a Georgia drivers license? The plot thickens.

Little Lamb
Little Lamb 07/12/12 - 08:22 am
@ oldfella

Please read the first post by nocnoc above. These are federal government requirements. They are the same nationwide. You can live in a mansion or a motel or a motorhome or under a bridge, but you've got to produce the documents.

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