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Sunday, June 24, 2012 8:54 PM
Last updated Wednesday, June 27, 2012 4:55 PM
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Based on suggestions in website comments, Facebook comments, petitions and online polls, we've created a list of the 10 most recommended names for the combined Augusta State and Georgia Health Sciences universities. Scroll down to find out how the voting from the Augusta Chronicle Facebook page turned out as of Wednesday morning

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University Hall at Augusta State University  FILE/STAFF
University Hall at Augusta State University

The choices were:

--Arsenal University

--Augusta University

--Bartram University

--George Walton University

--Georgia Arts & Medicine University (Georgia A&M)

--Georgia Arts & Sciences University (or a variation)

--Georgia Southeastern University

--University of Augusta

--University of Georgia – Augusta

--William Few University

A few notes on the poll:

1) The list was arranged alphabetically because many commenters expressed concern the order was chosen to favor certain names over others.

2) Facebook polls only allow 10 options, so we had to make some tough choices.

3) Southeastern University was a popular choice, but it already exists in Lakeland, Florida.

4) Sorry to the many fans of James Brown Downtown College of Good Knowledge, but we did not think administrators would give it serious consideration.

5) There were many supporters of variations of Georgia Arts & Sciences University (GSAU, GUAS, GUSA), but we chose one to represent the four since we could only list 10 names.

6) We trimmed Augusta Arsenal University and Nobel University from the list because they received far less support than the other four committee-submitted choices in our original poll.


This is how the voting from the Augusta Chronicle Facebook page turned out as of Wednesday morning:

Georgia Arts & Medicine University (Georgia A&M)

476 votes

University of Augusta

152 votes

University of Georgia – Augusta

85 votes

Georgia Arts & Sciences University (or a variation)

82 votes

George Walton University

43 votes

Augusta University

42 votes

Georgia Southeastern University

10 votes

Bartram University

8 votes

Arsenal University

5 votes

William Few University

3 votes

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AugustaProf 06/25/12 - 04:58 pm

Georgia A&M will be the winner of this poll because it is (a) a "grass roots" name, (b) the only name that sounds "cool" (i.e., sounds like it should have a D1 football team), and (c) because of obvious "selection bias" inherent in the use of Facebook for polling. And this is fine. It is, indeed, the "coolest" sounding name.

However, the name will never be chosen for numerous reasons, many already listed here. I've listed a few below.

1) A&M traditionally stood for Ag & Mech, as has been stated many times. But Texas A&M, the only major university to keep the initials, long ago removed any explicit meaning from the acronym. It is simply letters kept as a nod to their own unique tradition. Re-purposing the acronym at this point would be pretty silly.

2) The Texas A&M "tradition" isn't appropriate to New U. It is traditionally a military college. Until the 60's, it accepted only WHITE MALES. It required military service of all of its students. It is still dominated by its corps of cadets. Those that objected to the term Arsenal for reasons of its association with the military may not realize this. It is a poor choice for us to piggy-back off of this tradition.

3) While it is a new "twist" on the long-dead acronym, it would be tedious to explain this repeatedly. Our branding would necessarily include the full name, thus greatly diminishing the "coolness" of the A&M name.

4) And has been noted, Arts & Medicine are grossly insufficient to describe the breadth of New U's offerings. While it is true that ASU embraces what is often referred to as a Liberal Arts "core" (Language, History, Literature, etc.), referring to every other non-medical degree offered by New U as "Arts" is unacceptable. The name chosen will not highlight any one college at the expense of others.

Again, while the students are to be applauded for their passion and their opinions that the name of New U should be "grander," "broader," "less provincial," etc. are certainly valid, don't expect that a "win" in this poll could (or should) mean that this name will be chosen.

CryoCyberTronics 06/25/12 - 05:31 pm
Vote for university name on Facebook

So much for being political correct it's all in a name no matter wherever it's located. Just trying to go with the best choice of the current list to choose from! Democracy in action when the opposing candidate can undermine the process of a fair vote. We know who you are and lets hope that we don't have a situation where we all will have to register to vote in this poll. So please try and have some integrity with your choice and comments. And most of all don't waste other people's time!

CryoCyberTronics 06/25/12 - 05:43 pm
Just an example of integrity creativity

The N.F.L. Los Angeles Football SuperStars Franchise Football Team. Could this be a name for a New L.A. Pro Football team in the NFL?

CryoCyberTronics 06/25/12 - 07:08 pm
University Name Poll Vote

U.C.L.A. is a Major Medical University and a Power House in athletic programs. Dose The State of Georgia have the dedication, and the commitment for a University such as UCLA in Augusta? Probably not Atlanta is trying to cut cost to save money for itself to use and not an investment in the future!

University of Augusta Georgia,

Augusta University of Georgia,

State University of Augusta,

State University of Georgia,

Augusta State University of Georgia,

Augusta Union University of Georgia,

Spectrum University,

Emerald University,

Sapphire University,

Augusta Georgia State University, or

Southeastern University of Georgia.

If push comes to shove A second rate University is better than a second rate name. When you are always in the position of process of improving yourself and not your name. Atlanta We here in The City of Augusta, Georgia will overcome.

CryoCyberTronics 06/25/12 - 10:10 pm
University Name Poll Vote

Who says that Georgia Southeastern University has to be where it is located in Georgia? The whole State of Georgia is located is the southeastern part of The United States of America. Is it not? I still prefer the name: The Southeastern University of Georgia!

Pshaw 06/26/12 - 10:00 am

Not A&M - no matter how you spell it

noamsain 06/27/12 - 12:26 pm
Should be called: Augusta

Should be called:
Augusta Medical & State University

David Parker
David Parker 06/27/12 - 12:33 pm
Not quite out of hand yet.

Just to create even more confusion....

Southern Atlantic University

i checked it and there is no other school named this. There is a fictional one in a movie if you google it.

saywhatagain 06/28/12 - 07:23 pm

Central Savannah University

Sports teams will be called the CSU "Heat".

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