Aimee Copeland speaks

Sunday, May 27, 2012 6:33 PM
Last updated Monday, June 25, 2012 6:23 PM
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The 24-year-old Georgia graduate student fighting a well-publicized infection at the Joseph M. Still Burn Center spoke Sunday for the first time since being admitted to the Augusta facility nearly a month ago.

Aimee Copeland’s father Andy Copeland declared Sunday “Aimee Day” on his blog because she said her first words.

“Today Aimee has finally spoken her first words,” he said. “I will follow with details tonight.”

Copeland, of Snellville in suburban Atlanta, contracted necrotizing fasciitis, a devastating infection, when she gashed her leg May 1 after falling from a homemade zipline that broke over the Little Tallapoosa River.

Doctors at the burn center have amputated Copeland’s left leg, hands and other foot as well as a large portion of her torso to stop the infection.

On Sunday her father said she was breathing without the help of a ventilator, which made speaking a possibility.

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mosovich 05/27/12 - 09:55 pm
Again I say..

Again I say leave this poor girl alone.. Her father must not have any respect for his daughters privacy at all... Do we really need to know every move or thing that happens to this poor girl in her situation..

David Hopper
David Hopper 05/27/12 - 11:06 pm
I respect and understand your

I respect and understand your feelings on this woman's privacy, just as I understand why her father is trying the best he can to be there emotionally and to obtain what financial support he can to help his daughter.

I have been in Atlanta for the past couple days and really did not expect to hear much of her story here. I was wrong, her friends and classmates have thrown benefit concerts for her and many have traveled to Augusta to give what support they can. None of these people would be doing the things they are if they did not love Ms. Copeland and want her to return to as normal a life as she can.

Above all, I respect that. I join with her family and her friends in hope she can continue to have the inner strength she will need to continue on. I know first hand that she is being treated by the best specialists, doctors, and nurses in our state as it relates to the type of injury she has. I know this because they saved my leg in a less serious infection I went through in 2008. Good luck, Ms. Copeland. I am glad you have a family that loves and supports you as much as yours.

Common.sense 05/28/12 - 01:02 am

Perhaps we don't need to know everything. But I do like to read the updates that she is improving.

GaStang22 05/28/12 - 01:35 am
I understand you may feel he

I understand you may feel he isn't respecting her privacy, but at the same time this may be his way of dealing with it and gaining support the family needs. Not to mention, he knows his daughter better than anyone and if he knows she wasn't the private type but very outgoing, he may be doing this on her behalf believing that would be her wishes. Some people go through something like this in private and get depressed and wither away while others gain strength through it. It gives them great purpose to inspire others to overcome the tragedy they may have gone or is going through. This may fit her personality exactly and she will go on to be a motivational speaker and keep inspiring others to fight and learn to live happy lives despite their unfortunate situation. This may be a gift he is giving her for when she is strong enough to do it for herself not disrespecting her. Prayers for Aimee and her family!!

OhWell 05/28/12 - 08:06 am
I live in Carrollton where

I live in Carrollton where the accident happened and she has many supporters here that appreciate the updates. I have not heard her father ask for anything other than blood donations. Other groups are raising money in her behalf. I think if it gives him comfort and a peace of usefulness he should. You do not have to read the updates if you do not want to.

scooter2762 05/28/12 - 10:16 am
Considering she was given

Considering she was given little if any chances of survival, I like hearing the up dates too. She's a fighter.

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