SC moves ahead on illegal worker restrictions

Monday, Nov. 7, 2011 7:08 AM
Last updated 7:13 AM
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Ray Thornburg remembers what it was like to walk up to a construction site and get hired on the spot.

“Now days you can’t do that because they don’t speak English,” said Thornburg, who has worked construction for 30 years.

He said he encouraged his nephew to find work on Summerville construction sites a couple years ago.

“But he couldn’t, because he didn’t know Spanish,” added Thornburg. “You go to the job sites around here, and you’ll see in every single crew, the concrete people, the sheet rockers, they are all foreigners.”

Recently he asked a large construction company owner about a superintendent’s position.

“He said, ‘Do you speak Spanish?’ I said I do speak a little. Then he said, ‘You wouldn’t work for what we pay.’”

Because of these experiences Thornburg hopes South Carolina will continue to use the federal E-verify program to check for worker’s legal immigration status.

He acknowledges that not all Hispanics on construction sites are here illegally and says he has no objections to them personally or culturally.

“My only concern is jobs for Americans and the burden on our infrastructure,” said the Lowcountry man.

“Americans used do to that kind of work, but it’s hard to compete ... if they’ve got people who are working under the table, and if they can pay everybody $8 an hour and they all live in one trailer.”

Thornburg’s convictions illustrate the often muddy sentiments that drive the state debate. Further complicating things: His experience is the opposite of what is unfolding in the agricultural sector, where some farmers say they can’t find people to do the field work.

They are just two sides of the state’s illegal immigration debate, which flared up nationally twice in the last week.

Last week U.S. Rep. Jeff Duncan, a Republican who represents South Carolina’s 3rd Congressional District, drew criticism after comparing the issue to “taking the door off the hinges and allowing any kind of vagrant, or animal, or just somebody that’s hungry, or somebody that wants to do your dishes for you, to come in.”

It was the same day the U.S. Department of Justice challenged the state’s controversial new law, which goes into effect in January.

Under Act 69, police officers must check an individual’s immigration status during an arrest for a non-immigration crime, if the officer suspects the person is undocumented. The law also creates a special Illegal Immigration Enforcement Unit.

A coalition of civil rights groups, including the Southern Poverty Law Center, have also challenged the law, in part, alleging that it promotes racial profiling.

The Oct. 31 federal challenge says South Carolina’s law treads on federal law and will result in the wrongful detainment of foreign visitors, legal immigrants, and U.S. citizens, who cannot readily produce proof. The department also says the state law would divert resources away from high-priority problems, such as terrorism, drugs and gang activity.

South Carolina is one of several states that is clashing with federal law.

Justice officials are reviewing recent immigration-related laws in Utah, Indiana and Georgia, while courts have barred parts of the Arizona, Alabama, Georgia and Indiana laws and temporarily halted Utah’s law, according to the justice department.

Meanwhile, on Friday, the spokesman for the S.C. Department of Public Safety said officials were in the process of hiring a supervisor for the new law’s Illegal Immigration Enforcement Unit and would then hire officers.

“We’re going to go ahead with what the General Assembly told us to do” said Sid Gaulden.

He said the special unit would ultimately need federally approved training, but there will be a wait that has nothing to do with the U.S. Department of Justice suit.

“Therein lies the problem,” he said. “The Horry County police department has set up its own unit and they’ve applied for the training ... but they have not had a chance to do it yet. So we’re in line.”

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55 F-100
55 F-100 11/07/11 - 12:04 pm
The state of Georgia needs to

The state of Georgia needs to follow South Carolina's example, and ignore the vote buying efforts of Eric Holder, and the current corrupt administration. BTW, has anyone ever seen Eric Holder and Oprah's stooge Stegman in the same room?

Cynical old woman
Cynical old woman 11/07/11 - 01:43 pm
Ok, Georgia, get with it!!

Ok, Georgia, get with it!! Check construction sites...authorities have just touched the tip of the iceberg with the Diaz case.

Brittanicus 11/08/11 - 02:50 pm


U.S. Citizens and legal residents must confront the Republicans dominated House and insist on E-Verify, as part of Smith’s THE LEGAL WORKFORCE ACT’ (H.R.2885.) The ‘Ways and Means Committee led by Majority Speak John Boehner (R-OH) must adopt the Mandatory E-Verify Bill (H.R. 2885.) and should be bombarded by demanding voters, as never before. Reps. Chip Cravaack (R-Minn.), Tim Johnson (R-Ill.), Reps. Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.V.) and Joe Walsh (R-Ill.), Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.) Rep and just yesterday John Sullivan (R-Okla.) are co-sponsoring House Judiciary Chairman Lamar Smith's Legal Workforce Act (H.R.2885), with new members who are rapidly joining this monumental bill. THIS IS THE TIME TO SUPPORT THE AMERICAN UNEMPLOYED WORKER. Go to any Search Engine or specifically GOOGLE and type NumbersUSA as there you can freely fax politicians, otherwise you can also locate them through this phone number at 202-224-312; the Congressional Switchboard.

The TEA PARTY is only a portion of the ordinary American people, who are insisting the law must change. We must stop the Liberal subversives with their, “political Correctness’ which is crippling this nation; curtail the hundreds of billions of dollars, going to subsidize pregnant women from other countries, who are draining our hospital delivery rooms for free. We must amend the instant citizenship for their children, as it is to intentionally get a traction to stay in America. We must restrain Democrats, Liberals and Republicans from forcing unfunded mandates on taxpayers by more immigration policing laws in all 50 states. Our schools, hospitals, jails and prisons are full of illegal alien criminals that are draining each states treasury.


Monday, November 8, 2011 currently has 100 sponsors, 58 co-sponsors, with only 43 House members to go.

It will mean no more illegal aliens on payroll, with eventually millions leaving the country and opening jobs for American workers of every type. Farmers, Dairies, meat and poultry industry must be held accountable who are using foreign workers for big profits. They need to pay good wages and offer benefits, to get good, decent workers. Displaced by ICE raids and audits, illegal workers are leaving in large numbers; replaced in long lines by jobless Americans and legal residents. After the purge the administration can then enact an alien workers program, perhaps based on the Second World War ‘Bracero’ , but with a stringent tracking system and, that would be activated for every tourist, student and other who enter America. In addition all new statutes will be based on the 1986 Simpson/Mazzoli bill and that would include an overhaul for all new legal immigrants. Only professional or the highest skilled workers need apply, not the less skilled and certainly no entry to any more economic illegal aliens that is taxpayer supported.

Let the Special Committee that is charged to reduce the near 15 Trillion dollar deficit, to introduce legislation and look into the illegal immigration invasion. Curtail the Department of IN-Justice from further ardently pursuing Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Indiana and states that are under constant arrivals of illegal aliens they are forced by law to support.

In conclusion—every law abiding American should be watchful of Liberal progressive tricks in our electoral law. Hopefully TEA PARTY members will be vigilant in present in gubernatorial and state legislative elections in Louisiana, Mississippi and West Virginia will be electing governors. Liberals specifically and radical groups have proven they have intentionally overlooked illegal aliens and even legal immigrants voting in our elections. Further-- 578 state legislative seats are available, with the majority of these in Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey and Virginia where the fate of politicians are in the hands of voters. Every American state should provide a website to report this serious wrongdoing, as it is undermining the basic foundation of the citizen’s right to vote. Leftist Democrat Congressman called Keith Ellison from Minnesota’s wants to impose on his state a slack election system and also on the rest of this sovereign nation.

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