Downtown Augusta artist wins more than $50,000 in Fantasy 5

Friday, Nov. 4, 2011 2:55 PM
Last updated Saturday, Nov. 5, 2011 4:31 AM
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A downtown artist found herself more than $50,000 richer after her recent Fantasy 5 win.

Waynette Kasperek, 54, of Grovetown, said she and her husband, Frank, plan to use their Fantasy 5 winnings to pay off some bills. Kasperek bought her ticket Oct. 29.  Special
Waynette Kasperek, 54, of Grovetown, said she and her husband, Frank, plan to use their Fantasy 5 winnings to pay off some bills. Kasperek bought her ticket Oct. 29.

Waynette Kasperek, 54, of Grovetown, said this is her second win.

A few years ago she and her husband, Frank, won $175,000 in the Maryland Lottery, according to a news release.

“I was ecstatic,” she said of her most recent win. “I think I was stunned, too.”

Kasperek, an artist at Odd Fellows Art Gallery in downtown Augusta, bought her winning ticket worth $54,771 on Oct. 29 at Lewiston Express, 107 Lewiston Road in Grovetown, and randomly chose the winning numbers.

“We have some bills and we’re going to pay them off,” she said of her plans for the cash. “We’re going to share some with our children and stick some away in savings.”

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storiesihaveread 11/04/11 - 03:26 pm
Congrats on the extra money.

Congrats on the extra money. I still do not think it is a good idea to use your name.

Just My Opinion
Just My Opinion 11/04/11 - 04:08 pm
Heyyyyyyy...I think I'm

Heyyyyyyy...I think I'm related to that woman!! Waynette?? Can you help a cousin out????

BamaMan 11/04/11 - 04:21 pm
I agree, I don't think it's

I agree, I don't think it's too smart to let it out who wins these things. People will knock you over the head for $10 these days.

Augusta resident
Augusta resident 11/05/11 - 02:45 am
Is it $500,000 or $54,771?

Is it $500,000 or $54,771? either way it's a plus. I'm sure Uncle sam is happy seeing as how he doesn't have to buy a ticket and still gets a cut. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!

rmajor 11/05/11 - 10:23 am
0 some states, you can some states, you can have your attorney go and claim your winnings anonymously, but not in Georgia. Human nature is very, fickle. People get jealous, needy, a lot of things, so if I was to win something like this, I would appreciate the privacy and the anonymity, but I guess that's difficult because the lottery people want you to publicize it so that they can legitimize that people actually win. At any rate, congrats to them:) Second time too. That's amazing huh?

pearlthesquirrel 11/05/11 - 10:36 am
Lets see.....if she/they won

Lets see.....if she/they won $175,000 and another $54,771 (gross amounts?), that gets them to $229,771. With a tax rate of about 40%(?), that'll leave them about 60% of their earnings - or - about $137,863 "actual" cash-in-the-hand dollars. So, Uncle Sam gets $91,908 for "doing nothing". If you look at our military budget, the U.S. will spend that in a little over 4 seconds - yea, I said seconds. The government needs to get out of peoples lives - period. A double winner -congrats. But a previous writer is correct as they did break Rule #1 from Zombieland - uh, I mean Rule #1 from Lotteryland - KEEP YOUR NAME AND FACE OUT OF THE MEDIA AS BEST YOU CAN !!!!! When I hit, you'll see my attorney at law, Mr. Perry Mason, representing my best interests.

Riverman1 11/15/11 - 08:34 pm
Just found this old story in

Just found this old story in a round about way. I find it interesting that an artist would apparently be into playing the lottery soooo much. I would have kind of thought she would be above all that or something...heh. Anyway, congrats on your win. And let me go check my numbers.

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