Gov. Haley orders S.C. state offices to use 'great day' phone greeting

COLUMBIA -- An earful of sunshine awaits you when you call the state of South Carolina. 


Republican Gov. Nikki Haley announced Tuesday that state employees must pick up the phone and greet you with, "It's a great day in South Carolina! How can I help you?"

"It will put the employees in a good mood and remind them who they work for," Haley said.
"I know it sounds simple, but in the challenges that we're facing in our state, the one thing I'm trying to prove is that our state is changing for the better - it's positive, it's strong."

Online Morris News Service readers weren't so sure.

"If you are calling an employee of the South Carolina government, it's a bad, bad, bad day," one posted.

"How will they answer the day after a devastating hurricane? Could you imagine someone in Louisiana answering the phone the day after Katrina hit?"

A bit more charitably, one reader said the greeting would at least be "better than a growl."

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