Schools outline pre-K teacher transfer protocol

The Richmond County Board of Education announced guidelines today on how to deal with prekindergarten teachers who have requested to transfer out of the pre-K program given state cutbacks.


Out of 47 pre-K teachers in the district, 41 have requested to transfer out of the program. Currently there are 27 K-5 positions available for these teachers to transfer into.

The 41 teachers will be ranked in a list by: seniority in system in field of certification, seniority in system, level of education and then particular needs of the system.

Once ranked, the teachers will meet with Human Resources Department to give their preference for which available position they would like to transfer into.

The guidelines ensure there will be no "bumping" of other teachers in the system to create a vacancy for the pre-K transfers.

If a teacher has certification for middle or high school instruction, they may be transferred to any vacancy at those levels.




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