Georgia county keeps Rebel flag flying

Middle Georgia's Dodge County won't take down Confederate banner

EASTMAN, Ga. -- About 60 people showed up Tuesday evening at the Dodge County Courthouse in an attempt to convince county commissioners to reconsider a vote last month that allows the Confederate flag fly in front of the courthouse year-round.


According to the Macon Telegraph, Edward DuBose, president of the state chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, and John Battle, president of the NAACP’s Dodge County chapter, addressed commissioners Tuesday, telling them that Confederate flag opponents will be in the fight for the long haul to get it removed from courthouse property.

“You can be legally right sometimes, but morally wrong,” DuBose said. “I shouldn’t be in Dodge County because of this issue.”

DuBose said the flag might be seen as a symbol of heritage by one segment of society, but blacks view it as a symbol of oppression and racism.

Battle added that black people in Dodge County are willing to let the flag fly on courthouse property one day a year -- Confederate Heritage Day -- but not every day. He said he had no problem with any residents who want to fly the Confederate flag on their private property or in front of their businesses, but the courthouse is a public building. As a taxpayer, he said, he shouldn’t have to see it when he goes there to pay his taxes.

“I’m not saying that the heritage needs to be done away with,” said Battle, whose voice rose to a shout several times during his presentation. “I’m asking the board do the right thing. It’s not even a legal flag.”

In 2002, the county commission voted to fly the flag one day a year, but Battle said it has flown continuously. Last month, the board officially voted to fly the flag every day.



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