Confederate flag prompts complaint in Ga. county

Middle Georgia's Dodge County flying flag to commemorate Civil War
Confederate battle flag flies Wednesday next to a memorial to Confederate war dead near the Dodge County Courthouse, in the background, in Eastman.


“We don’t have any heartburn about the Confederate flag itself, but we have heartburn because it’s up there on the public property,” he told The Macon Telegraph newspaper.

The Confederate battle flag, seen by some as representative of slavery, and by others as a part of our nation’s Southern heritage, has been on the courthouse grounds for years.

The flag is positioned in front of a series of war memorial statues on the side of the courthouse property.

The commission voted unanimously in 2002 to allow the Confederate flag to be flown one day annually, but Battle said it has been flown daily for years.

After years of going back and forth with the commission, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People hired a lawyer, who sent a letter to the Dodge County Commission last week requesting that they remove the Confederate battle flag from public display at the courthouse.





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