Richmond celebrates distinguished schools

The Richmond County School System announced Tuesday that 18 of its schools have been recognized as Title I Distinguished Schools by Georgia State Superintendent of Schools John Barge.


"I want to congratulate the 18 Title I schools for being recognized by the Georgia Department of Education as Distinguished Schools," Richmond County schools Superintendent Frank Roberson said in a news release. "These recognitions represent the effectiveness of our teachers towards providing our students with a great education, and they represent the efforts of our students to overcome challenges that might otherwise negatively affect learning."

Title I schools have a significant population of students who are economically disadvantaged. They receive federal money to help educate these students.

Title I Distinguished schools that have made "adequate yearly progress" under the No Child Left Behind Act for three consecutive years, while those making it four or more consecutive years receive a monetary award paid for by federal funds.

Glascock County was one of four school systems recognized as a Georgia Title I Distinguished District. This award recognizes districts that have closed the achievement gap between economically disadvantaged students and their non-disadvantaged peers on the Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests and Georgia High School Graduation Tests. These districts receive $50,000 each; Glascock won the "Very Small District" category.

In all, Barge recognized 868 Title I Distinguished Schools on Thursday. Here is a list of CSRA schools receiving recognition:

Burke County
Waynesboro Primary, $11,076 (12 consecutive years making AYP)
Blakeney Elementary, $9,230 (9 years making AYP)
S.G.A. Elementary, $7,384 (8 years)

Columbia County
Grovetown Elementary, $742 (8 years)
South Columbia Elementary, $742 (8 years)
Westmont Elementary, $742 (8 years)
Bel Air Elementary, $742 (8 years)
Martinez Elementary, $742 (8 years)
Lakeside Middle, $742 (7 years)
Columbia Middle, $742 (7 years)
Grovetown Middle, $742 (6 years)
Harlem Middle, $742 (5 years)
Euchee Creek Elementary, $742 (4 years)
Cedar Ridge Elementary, certificate (3 years)

Hancock County
Hancock Central Middle, $7,384 (6 years)
Hancock Central High, certificate (3 years)

Jefferson County
Louisville Academy, $9,230 (11 years)
Wrens Elementary, $1,113 (9 years)
Carver Elementary, $7,384 (7 years)
Wrens Middle, $742 (5 years)

Jenkins County
Jenkins County, $7,384 (8 years)

Lincoln County
Lincoln County Elementary, $742 (8 years)
Lincoln County Middle, $742 (8 years)

McDuffie County
Thomson Elementary, $1,484 (12 years)
Maxwell Elementary, $1,484 (12 years)
Dearing Elementary, $1,113 (9 years)

Richmond County
Rollins Elementary, $9,230 (9 years)
Collins Elementary, $7,384 (7 years)
Hains Elementary, $7,384 (6 years)
Windsor Spring Road Elementary, $7,384 (6 years)
Terrace Manor Elementary, $7,384 (4 years)
A. Brian Merry Elementary, $742 (8 years)
National Hills Elementary, $742 (8 years)
Sue Reynolds Elementary, $742 (8 years)
Lake Forest Hills Elementary, $742 (8 years)
Goshen Elementary, $742 (8 years)
Freedom Park School, $742 (8 years)
Warren Road Elementary, $742 (8 years)
A.R. Johnson Magnet, $742 (8 years)
C.T. Walker Traditional Magnet, $742 (8 years)
McBean Elementary, $742 (7 years)
Hephzibah Elementary, $742 (7 years)
Hephzibah Middle, certificate (3 years)
Tutt Middle, certificate (3 years)

Warren County
Freeman Elementary, $9,230 (9 years)
Warren County Middle, $7,384 (8 years)

Washington County
Ridge Road Primary, $1,484 (12 years)

Wilkes County
Washington-Wilkes Primary, $1,484 (12 years)
Washington-Wilkes Elementary, $742 (8 years)
New Washington-Wilkes Middle, $742 (6 years)



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