Deal to create task forces for jobs, water and school funding

Tuesday, Jan. 25, 2011 10:57 AM
Last updated 11:58 AM
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ATLANTA -- Gov. Nathan Deal announced this morning he is appointing three task forces to generate ideas for his top priorities, jobs, water and school funding.

 “It is time that we deal with these issues in a serious and meaningful manner,” he told members of the Georgia Chamber of Commerce during the organization’s annual Eggs & Issues breakfast.

The Georgia Competitiveness Initiative builds on the importance he places in education, he said. It will involve a panel of business executives from across the state who will offer recommendations on ways to stimulate private job creation.

“It’s to simply say, ‘are there things that are making us non-competitive?’ And if there are, how do we make them better?”  he said.

His water task force will be made up of top officials from state agencies dealing with the environment, finance and assistance to local governments. Its assignment will be to use $300 million in funding he intends to provide over the next four years to help cities and counties develop sources for drinking water, from expanding reservoirs and reusing abandoned gravel pits to building new reservoirs or storing water in underground aquifers.

The school-funding panel will tackle a problem hanging over his predecessors. The 25-year-old Quality Basic Education Act has a complex formula for funding school districts based on their enrollment, local tax base, and other factors. Experts agree the state has never appropriated all the money to local districts that the formula specifies.

“It does not serve us in the overall scheme of things to spend our money educating our children through K-12, through college and higher education, and not be able to provide them with jobs that keep them in our state,” he said. “So jobs and education, the two most important issues in our future, are inextricably linked.”

Three years ago, then-Gov. Sonny Perdue appointed a commission to revamp the formula, but after two years of work, it came up empty-handed. Observers say most of the problem is a huge tax increase would be required, but politicians aren’t eager to take more from taxpayers still reeling from the effects of the recent recession.

Deal didn’t set a deadline for any of the task forces to report their recommendations.

Labor Commissioner Mark Butler said after Deal’s speech that the hoped to be part of the governor’s quest for ideas regarding the intersection of jobs and education.

“In this very competitive market, when you’re talking about attracting industry, work force is the key,” he said. “It’s not enough any more to have a great location, and many times it’s not enough just to have tax incentives. You have to be able to have the personnel to do the jobs.”

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Chillen 01/25/11 - 03:12 pm
Cut spending and reduce

Cut spending and reduce taxes. And please keep in mind that govt doesn't create jobs. It can help influence the creation of them by lowering taxes & regulations but that's all they can do.

I hope Deal can deliver.

Linda7965 01/25/11 - 03:37 pm
First, put priorities in

First, put priorities in proper order. Without this...all else will be meaningless.

To read the above linked article…you may think that these costly stings in Georgia are unusual. One enforcement officer states: “Georgia residents can sleep better tonight knowing that an organized criminal ring has been hit. This case demonstrates yet again how law enforcement in Atlanta is committed to working together to disrupt and dismantle criminal networks.”

A thinking person will read that above comment, and realize it is just more rhetoric and nonsense and represents one arrest in the many that have happened in the past and the many that is yet to come in the future.

Taxpayers in Georgia should feel foolish. Like the proverbial boiling frog scenario…Georgians have sat quietly while a slow coup d’etat took place. The cost of opened borders and disrespect for the rule of law and the lack of border enforcement has all but destroyed Georgia. This invasion crisis can be linked to just about every problem in our country! It's absolutely riddled our national security with deadly results and added mega billions to our tax debt; it's made our borders virtually meaningless and our law and justice systems apparently irrelevant”. Courage to read beyond what the Liberal Medias will report and a close look at the police blotters across the state of Georgia tell a story of drugs and crime gone viral.

Last year in Athens, a big, costly “sting” took place against a gang of criminals who “over-stayed their visas.

Around the same time, the local paper sported the headlines “3 teens indicted in beating death”. Oh the raves of satisfaction coming from citizens would turn the stomach of a coyote. They can’t seem to understand that the state that reported for the first time ever…a $3 billion budget deficit, will add to the list of illegals we will feed, cloth, and render medical care. These illegal invading MS-13 Gang members SHOULD HAVE BEEN STOPPED AT THE BORDER WITH WHATEVER MEANS NECESSARY.

These “teens”, 16 and 17 years old, had a list of charges that would make Al Capone look like an amateur: Murder, aggravated battery, aggravated assault, attempted armed robbery, burglary, kidnapping with bodily injury, false imprisonment and violation of Georgia’s Street Gang Terrorism Prevention Act. What a joke!

Cherokee Cty, November 2010 another sting nets 45

Realize I only mentioned a few of the arrest out thousands that happen. Now mentally factor in the one common thread: drugs and illegal immigration… and attach a cost…then you can begin to get an idea of why the states main duties of: educating, medicating, and incarcerating has left America a bankrupt nation that is now kowtowing to China with hopes they will continue honor our debt.

The drug cartels started coming to Atlanta in a big way in the early 90s. (Clinton reign). Has anyone taken a look at the History Channel's "Gangland, Death in Dixie'? This documentary points to Atlanta, aka, the “Other Mexican Border” outlining the consequences and cost of what equates to an armed invasion of a once civilized and sovereign America. Americans who have lived under the rule of law for the last two centuries are not prepared for the horrors of what the Bush, Clinton, Bush and now Obama administrations have allowed to happen to our citizens.

The intentional drugging of America’s youth with methamphetamines, cocaine, marijuana, and heroine along with the death and crime that accompanies this lifestyle will continue until you have the courage to step up and stop this. And when I say YOU…I mean you who are taking the time to read this.

With the understanding that the Federal Government and both parties had no intention of enforcing our immigration laws, Georgians went to work to bring about E-Verify, Save Act 9 and 287g. Five years later, Georgia resembles a sanctuary state with “little Mexicos” springing up everywhere. Gainesville, Dalton, Atlanta, and Gwinnett…just to name the last two I visited. You ask why? The question you should be asking is what is going to happen when China is no longer willing to pay for welfare checks and unemployment checks and you have all these hungry, unemployed, third world invaders living in your country fighting you for the last crust of bread you thought was yours. Some who read this will turn away in disbelief…others who know history know that I know exactly what is coming.

The “Examiner” had an article today that asks the question, “Will Atlanta becomes the next Juarez?

“With multiple cartels now established in Atlanta, it is only a matter of time before they begin to battle one another for control of the city, the same way they are killing each other over territory in Mexico. CNN reporters will no longer have to travel to the deadly city of Juarez to see the bodies of civilians, police officers, and criminals alike, stacked like firewood--they will simply have to walk out of their studio door.” (Don’t forget headless bodies hanging from bridge).

As you read the above article…heads rolling down the streets of Mexican cities; headless bodies hanging from bridges and mass burial graves are the norm in many Mexican cities. If you are Republican, Democrat, Independent, White or Black…I can’t believe you see this as something you want in your future.

Right now…the Chamber of Commerce and Mexican organizations financed with your tax dollars are insisting that the status quo remain. With Georgia’s actual unemployment running close to 20%...they are parroting the lie that these people will do the jobs Americans won’t do. If you are smart, you will take my letter or make your own and send them to every state, and federal official. Look up the names of those who are members of the GMA, ACCG, and Chamber of Commerce and let them know you don’t plan to see Georgia destroyed to appease the Mexican government and their lust for drug money.

Tell them you will take your chances without Mexican labor and the few businesses that they haven’t assisted in being outsourced to foreign countries will have to do the same.

A LOOK AT ATLANTA’S PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM IS A REFLECTION OF WHAT HAPPENS WHEN LAWS ARE IGNORED AND DRUGS FLOW LIKE WATER. If you are reading about this situation…you should understand uncontrolled borders and drugs play a bigger role than anyone wants to admit.

Go to There you will find faxes you can send to your Georgia representatives. Let them know you are in charge and not special interest: i.e. Chamber of Commerce, Jerry Gonzales, GMA, and ACCG. Attach names and faces to this bunch and let them know they can no longer hide their destructive politics behind acronyms.

usapatriot 01/25/11 - 03:48 pm
ditto what she said.

ditto what she said.

usapatriot 01/25/11 - 03:51 pm
I'm always wary of "appointed

I'm always wary of "appointed commissions". We elect govt officials to deal with our problems and fix them. Too often, they appoint these commissions to make the kind of unpopular recommendations politicians will not. Too often, no action is taken.

Just witness Obama's Deficit Commission. How's it going with enacting those "non-partisan" recommendations?

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