Columbia County schools mull snow day options


Columbia County school officials discussed some options this evening to make up snow days.

A winter storm earlier this month shut down classes throughout the Augusta area.

In Columbia County, schools closed for two days. Added to the two days officials eliminated from the school calendar to save money, there are no days remaining administrators can use to excuse school.

State rules only allow for four days that local boards can cancel classes. They typically are taken in case of emergencies, like heavy snow, but the state board of education allowed systems this year to use them as money-saving measures.

The options for pupils to make up snow days might include holding classes on Feb. 22, currently designated as part of the winter break; adding a day to the end of the school year, May 20; or adding 10 minutes to the end of each school day.

Superintendent Charles Nagle said he would prefer not to make up those days; betting no more snow days will be needed this school year.

If it does snow again, Nagle said the board then could designate May 20 as a make-up day or add 10 minutes to the school day.

No decision on the options was made at tonight's meeting.

Nagle said he'll submit the plan to principals Wednesday and teachers on Thursday to get their input.




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