Georgia gas prices rising

Monday, Dec. 6, 2010 10:01 AM
Last updated 1:23 PM
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ATLANTA — Filling up at the pump costs more this week.

The average price of regular unleaded gas has risen 11 cents in the past week to $2.83 per gallon. The national average is up 7 cents to $2.93.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that a weak dollar is pushing gas prices up and experts say the increases will likely continue.

The AAA Auto Club says lower job growth than expected last month weakened the dollar and made crude oil a more appealing commodity to foreign investors.

A month ago, regular unleaded cost an average of $2.69 in Georgia. A year ago, it was at $2.52, which is 31 cents below the current price.


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grimreapa69420 12/06/10 - 11:14 am
yeah right..i think we all

yeah right..i think we all know its going up because they want to make money off the people traveling for the holidays

dichotomy 12/06/10 - 11:16 am
It's not just gasoline that

It's not just gasoline that costs more when the dollar gets weaker. It's all imports, which is almost every consumer item we buy. You ain't seen nothing yet. As long as our government does not cut spending and keeps printing money to pay for it, the dollar will continue to get weaker and the price of everything will get higher. I know the Democrats have a hard time with the concept that money that is worth nothing buys nothing but it will become abundantly clear to them soon if we don't cut spending and quit paying people not to work. Have you looked at the price of groceries lately. The price is way up. Not because we are eating more, but because the value of your dollars are going down. The world has priced in our deficit, the unpaid for stimuli, Obamacare, muli-year unemployment payments, and the latest $600 billion of newly printed FED money. Get used to it. The inflation due to our worthless dollar is just beginning. $5 a gallon gas and $5 loaf of bread is just around the corner if we don't cut spending and start paying down the deficit. And you can't tax the "rich" enough to even make a dent. Nobody ever estimates how much money we could make if we raised income tax rates on the 48% of the people who don't pay income taxes but I suspect it would be more than by gouging the wealthiest 2% even more than we do now. What a novel concept....EVERYBODY PAY SOME INCOME TAXES.

mable8 12/06/10 - 12:09 pm
Just another ploy for

Just another ploy for price-gouging. Sure, in hard times prices go up, but what is more noticeable is that the prices go up during times when people travel (holidays, summer, spring breaks) and then take a downward shift after the fact. As for the taxes, if everyone paid a 10% tax on income, regardless of source and did away with the deduction perks altogether, the government would have so much money, they wouldn't know what to do with it. Yeah, I know, the 10% tax INCLUDES any public stipend (welfare, social security, grants)---but Soros and company big O wouldn't allow this because it would infringe on their plan to take over the USA.

Taylor B
Taylor B 12/06/10 - 02:17 pm
Buy silver... My two

Buy silver... My two, cent and a half, now.

AugustaVoter 12/06/10 - 08:14 pm
Last year the excuse was that

Last year the excuse was that the oil/ gas companies were switching to a "winter" blend. Which supposedly cost more to produce.... I like how the excuses change every year. I agree with grim.

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